Tantra is the most recent name for the science of sexual practices. It was created by Indian sages in the past couple of centuries. The main goal of tantric massage is to enhance your body’s energy, which is called chakras. Chakras are subtle centers that control various parts of our bodies. There are seven major chakras in each human being. These chakras are located in different places on our bodies. When they are activated, they release positive energies and balance negative ones. This process is known as balancing chakras.

What is the purpose of Tantra Massage Therapy?

People today are burdened by an array of stresses and pressures. These include unhealthy lifestyles, environmental toxins and pollution, stress, health problems, and many other responsibilities. This results in them becoming physically heavy, mentally heavy, and emotionally heavy. Their daily lives reflect these burdens. They feel depressed and anxious, disconnected from their sensual and sexual selves, and experience relationship problems. Hopelessness and feelings of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment in life are also common.

Our lives are full of responsibilities and obligations. We are overwhelmed by them. We forget to appreciate our power and abilities. We lose faith and joy. Our lives become dull and boring. The luster and magic of being alive diminish greatly.

Every human being has blockages. Physical, energetic, emotional, sexual, mental, and psychosomatic blockages. Root causes of blockages vary. Everyday repetitive habits and experiences, childhood events, painful memories, traumatic accidents, domestic abuse, and deeply rooted psychosomatic issue.

Blockages feed information to your unconscious mind, which then dictates what you do. Authentic Tantric massage uses powerful forms of energy to touch you far beyond your physical body. It changes everything about you.

This therapy is like a professional, efficient, and thorough house cleaner that came in and cleaned my house. I felt like it had never been lived in before. My house looked, felt, and smelled like new.

The house represents our body. The toxins and impurities are the emotional baggage we carry around. The pipes are the subtle energy channels that are open or closed. The windows are our emotions. The filthy floors are our minds. The basement is our subconscious mind.

Tantra massage therapy is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the energy flow throughout the body. This type of massage helps people relax and release stress. It also helps people feel more energetic and positive about themselves.

Tantric Massage: Complete Guide for Men and Women

What is Tantric Massage Therapy?

First and foremost, Tantric massage therapy is an energetically-based form of bodywork that starts with a hands-on, physical approach and physical touch. In practice, this means: A Tantric massage therapist is able to control the energy that is inherently within himself/herself as well as the energy that is within the receiver. External energies are also harnessed and used.

In this type of massage, the receiver is relaxed and open, allowing the practitioner to work more deeply into the body. The practitioner uses a variety of techniques to stimulate the receiver’s energy centers and key energy channels. These techniques include tapping, rubbing, stroking, vibration, and other methods. The receiver may also be asked to focus on certain areas or use visualization techniques to help them relax.

This massage technique is very effective in eliminating blockages of all kinds. It restores vitality, stamina, youthfulness, and energy. It also brings about miracles.

The Tantra massage benefits include an extended sexual experience. You can experience a profound spiritual awakening that transforms your life in the most surprising ways. Your body is regarded as a holy temple, worthy of worship and admiration. Your mind is transformed into a state of blissful ecstasy.

What does Tantra Massage look and feel like?

The whole body is sacred. The individual parts make the whole. If there are tensions, blockages, or imbalances in any part of the whole body, the whole body is affected. The whole body is connected to everything else, including the genitals, breasts and chest, feet, head and fingers, and buttocks.

This is what makes real Tantric massage a unique form of therapy. It is truly holistic, encompassing all aspects of your being. You must first relax deeply before you can enjoy the benefits of this type of massage.

This massage technique is very relaxing and soothing. It is also very effective in relieving stress and tension. It helps the client feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The client feels calm and refreshed after receiving a tantric massage.

Tantra massage uncovers any blockages in the body. It clears out old energies and helps you release them. When this is done, energy starts flowing naturally and powerfully throughout the entire being. This is when the real magic happens.

When the energy starts to be distributed throughout the entire body, then you may begin to respond energetically. This can be done by using your hands or other objects to massage the body. You can also use your mind to stimulate the energy flow. Then you can induce a full-body energy orgasm. This is very divine and sublime, and extremely healing in nature, but it takes some time and practice to learn how to do it.

The benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy

The health benefits of Tantra massage are endless. Your whole body is purified and cleaned. Your energy system is re-educated on how to use powerful internal and external energy resources for health and healing. This results in many chronic problems being remedied entirely, including pains, diseases, depression, sexual dysfunction, emotional issues, and more.

Tantra massage therapy is an ancient practice that was developed thousands of years ago by Indian yogis who were seeking spiritual enlightenment. This form of massage therapy has been used for centuries to help people overcome physical pain and emotional stress. Today, this ancient practice is gaining more recognition and popularity among Westerners because it offers many health benefits. Some of these include:

1) Improved circulation

2) Relaxation

3) Pain relief

4) Stress reduction

5) Weight loss

6) Increased energy

7) Better sleep

After a session, many people feel lighter and freer.

Benefits Sexual dysfunctions are alleviated

Sexual dysfunctions are caused by imbalanced and/or excess sexual energy. Tantric therapies restore balance and order to this vital force within us. As a result, sexual dysfunctions such as frigidity, erectile dysfunction, sexual aversion disorder, or premature ejaculation are naturally cured.

Warming Female Arousal Gel

Tingling and warming – this massage oil is made from 100% pure essential oils. It is suitable for all skin types. It is also recommended for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Tantric Massage: Complete Guide for Men and WomenTantric Massage: Complete Guide for Men and Women

Tantric massage is a great way to get closer to your partner. You can enjoy yourself while you’re having sex. But the main purpose of this massage is to make your partner feel better. Your partner might have an orgasm during the massage. But it’s not necessary. This massage doesn’t have to end when you both reach climax.

Keep in mind, that a tantra massage does not normally include intercourse but can be an amazing prelude to tantric sex.

What To Expect From a Tantric Massage

Some tantric massage techniques involve focusing on the whole body, while others are focused on stimulating the yoni or the lingam. In either case, there is an emphasis on stimulating the genitals. As a man, you may feel aroused by the stimulation. As a woman, you may feel excited by the attention given to your genitals.

What to Expect During Tantric Massage for Men

Tantric Massage is an erotic massage technique that focuses on the sexual energy within the body. Men who receive this type of massage are often surprised to find out how much they enjoy it. This form of massage involves stimulating the genitals and other erogenous zones.

Tantric Massage: Complete Guide for Men and Women

As a man, you should be aware that you might ejaculate too early or too late. You may even feel nothing. Your partner may enjoy this.

Tantric massage can be foreplay for sex, but if you expect sex to happen, then you won’t be fully present with the experience.

What to Expect During Tantric Massage for Women

Women who may not always be as sexually driven as their male counterparts often enjoy the intrigue of tantric massages. As a woman, you get the opportunity to fully surrender to the enjoyment of receiving sensual pleasure. You can expect to experience: To achieve a heightened sense of erotic relaxation as your lover touches your body in sensitive places.

Tantric Massage: Complete Guide for Men and Women

Your body reacts differently when receiving pleasure than when giving pleasure. You may experience a stronger, more intense sexual response when receiving pleasure than when providing pleasure. An orgasm does not have to be part of this massage.

A key component of tantra is relaxation or comfort. So, the proper environment plays a huge role in the overall experience. To relax, pick a private place, such as a bedroom, where the couple feels most comfortable.

Make sure the room is quiet, free from noise distractions, and clear of clutter. Put on clean bedding and make sure the pillows are straightened. Use candlelight and an oil diffuser. Lower the lights.

Tantric massages are great when you want to relax after a stressful day or if you need to unwind before bedtime. Massage therapists should be aware of the importance of giving the client plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

How to Give A Tantric Massage To Men The “Lingam” Massage

With the atmosphere prepared, have him get comfortable and begin deepening his breath to enter a deeper state of relaxation. He should lie on his back, legs spread apart, and knees slightly bent. Have him focus on his breathing as he touches his body. Be sure you have some natural massage oil handy, as massage oil is needed to let your hands glide over his body.

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Natural oils without added scents such as Coconut or Jojoba are best for this intimate massage because they do not contain any chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Types of tantric massages to try at home

To give a tantric massage to men, start by placing your hand gently on his chest. Move down towards his groin area. Begin rubbing his penis through his pants. If you notice that he has an erection, don’t worry about it. It’s normal.

Continue stroking his testicles until you notice that he begins to breathe deeply. Then move your hands up to his neck and shoulders. Stroke them in small circles. Next, stroke his arms and hands.

You can also use your fingers to explore his nipples. This will help him relax further.

Next, take your hands to his thighs. Rub your palms together softly. Start moving your hands up and down the length of his thigh.

Move your hands slowly up toward his genitals. When you reach his pubic hair, rub your fingertips lightly across his skin.

When you’re ready, move your hands down again. Now, put both of your hands around his waist. Gently lift his hips off the bed so that he is lying flat on his back with his legs open.

Now, slide your hands under his buttocks. Using your thumbs, press into his cheeks. Move your hands up and down, pressing firmly but gently.

When you feel that he is relaxed enough, bring your hands back to his lower abdomen. Press your thumb against his navel.

Using your index finger, trace a circle around his belly button. Don’t go too deep.

Once you’ve finished, place your hands on his upper chest. Slowly, caress his face.

Use your fingers to gently touch his lips. You can even kiss him.

Tips on making tantric massages more pleasurable

If you want to add a little spice to your man’s tantric massage, consider using a vibrator instead of your hands. Vibrators are a good choice because they stimulate all the senses.

Vibes come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some models are designed specifically for penetration while others are meant purely for clitoral stimulation.

Vibrators are available in many styles: wand-shaped, bullet-shaped, egg-shaped, and dildo-shaped.

The most popular type of vibrator is the wand. These devices feature a long shaft with a bulbous tip.

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Wands usually have three speeds: low, medium, and high. Low-speed. Medium-speed vibrations are ideal for stimulating the clitoris. High-speed vibrations are great for anal play.

Bullet-shaped vibes are similar to wands. The only difference is that their tips are rounded.

Egg-shaped vibrators are shaped like eggs. They are often used when a woman wants to stimulate her partner’s prostate gland.

Dildos are phallic-shaped toys that resemble penises. Dildos are made from silicone, rubber, glass, plastic, metal, wood, or other materials.

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Dildos vary greatly in size. Most people prefer the smallest ones. Larger dildos are better suited for larger penises.

Tantric breast massage

A breast massage is another way to relax your lover during foreplay.

Start by taking one of your breasts in your left hand. Use your right arm to cup your partner’s head.

Gently squeeze your nipple as if it were a ball bearing. Your goal is to make sure that your breasts are firm and full.

After squeezing your nipple, let your hand drop down to your chest. Run your fingers along your ribs.

Next, run your fingers over your collarbone. It will help loosen any tension in your shoulders.

Finally, use your fingers to stroke your breasts. This is an effective way to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Reasons Why You Should Have A Tantric Massage

You may be wondering why you should have a tantric massage. Here are some reasons why you should try this form of sex therapy.

It helps you relax. When you receive a tantric massage, you’ll experience a state of bliss. While you’re lying naked on the bed, your masseuse will apply oil to your body. She’ll then rub your skin with her fingertips. As she does so, she’ll chant mantras.

It relieves pain. If you suffer from chronic backaches or neck pains, you’ll feel much better after receiving a tantric massage. In fact, you might even forget about your aches and pains.

It improves circulation. A tantric massage stimulates blood flow throughout your body. Because of this, you’ll experience increased energy levels.

It increases sexual pleasure. During a tantric massage, your masseuse will perform certain techniques that increase arousal. For example, she’ll place warm oils on specific parts of your body.

She’ll also gently press your nipples and genitals. By doing so, she’ll increase your sensitivity.

She’ll also use her hands to caress your breasts and buttocks.

This form of sex therapy is suitable for both men and women. However, there are some things you should know before having a tantric massage.

First, you must be at least 18 years old. Second, you should avoid getting pregnant while you receive tantric treatment. Third, you shouldn’t take any medications unless they’ve been approved by your doctor. Fourth, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Fifth, you should refrain from using illegal drugs. Sixth, you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes. Seventh, you should abstain from engaging in sexual activity. Finally, you should tell your masseuse exactly what you want.

Prostate Massage

The prostate gland is located between the bladder and the penis. It produces fluids that lubricate the urethra. The prostate gland also secretes prostatic fluid.

During a prostate massage, your masseuse strokes your perineum. She’ll do this by placing her fingers on your anus. Then, she’ll move them up toward your testicles.

As she moves her fingers upward, she’ll massage your prostate. Afterward, she’ll move her fingers downward.

When you receive a prostate massage, you’ll feel relaxed. In addition, you’ll enjoy enhanced sexual satisfaction. 

Reasons Why You Need To Get A Prostate Massage

There are several reasons why you should consider getting a prostate massage. First, it’s good for your health. Second, it improves your libido. Third, it makes you more sensitive. Fourth, it increases your stamina. Finally, it gives you greater control over ejaculation.

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Lingam massage

A lingam massage involves rubbing your genital area. Your masseuse will begin by massaging your scrotum. Next, she’ll move her hands down to your perineum.

Afterward, she’ll move her hand up toward your genitalia. Finally, she’ll massage your penis.

You’ll feel relaxed when you get a lingam massage. This type of massage is especially beneficial if you have erectile dysfunction.

In addition, it enhances your sexual performance. Lingam massage is also useful for those who want to enhance their fertility. 

Reasons To Have A Lingam Massage

There are many reasons why you should consider having a lingam massage. First, it helps you relax. Second, it reduces stress. Third, it improves your sexual performance. Finally, it enhances your fertility.

Yoni massage

A yoni massage is similar to a lingam massage. However, it focuses on stimulating your vagina.

Your masseuse will begin by stroking your clitoris with her fingertips. Then, she’ll rub your labia majora.

Next, she’ll massage your vulva. Afterward, she’ll move her finger into your vagina. Finally, she’ll stimulate your cervix.

You’ll feel very relaxed during a yoni massage. This type of treatment is particularly helpful if you’re experiencing vaginal dryness.

It’s also good for women who want to increase their fertility. Yoni massage stimulates blood flow to the uterus. 

Reasons For Having A Yoni Massage

There are numerous reasons why you should consider receiving a yoni massage. First, it relieves tension. Second, it improves circulation to your reproductive organs. Third, it increases your sexual pleasure. Finally, it increases your fertility.