This is the Information Era and that means you will have easy and instant access to anything at any time. The one area that has reaped the biggest benefits is the health and fitness field. Today there’s a slew of apps that feature a long list of exercises and diets. There are many apps that even have virtual personal trainers that will motivate you when you’re in the middle of a workout.

The amount of apps are endless for the fitness and health. That means choosing the correct one is hard. In fact, the decision is overwhelming. But here’s 10 apps that are the best out there and will surely help you improve your everyday lifestyle and weight loss. These apps are guaranteed to change your life forever.

Couch to 5K

If you are looking to becoming a long-distance runner, then this app is the perfect download. The app has proven to help thousands become a marathoner. You just have to fallow the app’s course for 30 minutes a day for three days a week for nine weeks. The app will be your coach as it guides you to the pacing and distance points you need to hit to perfect your running skills.


This has been a long-time favorite for smartphone users. For years, the app has ranked as the best as it helps to track your eating trends as well as customize your dieting. There are more than 5 million foods with a barcode nutrition scanner. There’s also an exercise database to help track your workouts compared to your food intake. That will help you see if the dieting is truly working out the best.

Sleep Cycle

The most important key to your muscling building and weight loss is sleep. The Sleep Cycle app will help you improve your sleeping patterns. The app guides you to the right amount of sleep so when you wake you’re not so grumpy. The app itself is a marvel as it tracks your cycles throughout the night via sound and movements analysis. Sleep Cycle also could sense when you’re in the lightest sleeper that will help knock off the grogginess and exhaustion when you oversleep.

FIT Radio

Another important part of working out is gaining motivation. For most, that is creating the right playlist to get you into a perfect frame of mind. The FIT Radio app specializes in DJ-created mixes that will customize your workouts. The app is free to use but only allows you to choose one genre and a handful of mixes. But you could upgrade to a premium membership for $3.99 a month. This will gain you access to more than 25 genres and stations as well as unlimited skips and created your own playlists.


The 5K app has made you a full-blown runner. So it’s natural that you will need this app. The MapMyRun app compiles more than 70 million routes to conquer and it will keep track of your daily jogs to see your development as a runner. There’s a “route genius” feature that allows you miles to run and then generates a route for you.

Lose It!

This is an oldie but still a goodie. The classic fitness app applies an easy-to-use interface to help you reach your goal weight. The app just recommends that you stay below your daily calorie allowance, which is generated by the app after you sign up and enter personal information. You just have to remain faithful to entering your food intake. The app also allows you to keep track of your workouts so that will change your calorie allotment.


The biggest thing about creating the best fitness program is known. This app offers the user a personalize instructor that will be complemented with a personalize music track. The app is best for personalizing a spin class. It will allow you to choose your instructor, class length and then a playlist that will motivate you on the bike.


You need to know what you’re ingesting. The key to losing weight is a proper diet. The Fooducate app breaks down all the nutritional values of nearly every grocery imaginable. The most amazing part of the app is that it will tell you if the item is proper of bad for your diet. You could also reverse the process and rank the healthiest foods to buy and create your grocery list from that info.


A major complimentary app to all these fitness apps is this meditation-based one. The Calm app will force you to choose the meditations that fit you best. This is even good for beginners and you could start with the “7 Days of Calm” series that will guide you to calm yourself properly. There’s a free version and then the upgraded version is $3.33 a month and will give you more meditations to work with.


Do you want to get your happy place? This is the app for you then. Happify uses science-based strategies that were developed by psychologists to help increase mental well-being. You just need to download the app and pick a “track” to follow. You choose the track based on life goals such as “reducing stress” or “battling negative thoughts”. Next thing is taking on quick tasks, games or reflections each day. Soon enough, your outlook on life will change. The happiness will enter your soul.
Despite all the information you have, the biggest difference maker is yourself. The user of the apps needs to make sure he or she remains faithful to the process. Just like anything in life you will need to be dedicated to making yourself healthier and strong. These apps only provide tools to further everyday goals.

Image credit: Chris Rowlands [Stuff.TV]

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