Staying fit on vacation can be a challenge. When we are in full relaxation mode it can be hard to stick to your normal exercise routine, and you’ll obviously want to indulge yourself a little too. Plus, finding gym equipment can be tough when you are traveling!

However, staying in shape while on the road doesn’t have to be hard or stressful, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice fitness for fun – you really can have it all!

So take a look at the tips below for staying in shape while on vacation, and next time you cruise from NYC’s port or book a gorgeous villa on a far-flung beach you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll come home as fit as when you left!

Bring what you need with you

The Best Routine to Stay In Shape While on Vacation

The key to maintaining something close to your regular exercise routine on vacation is packing. Bring what you need with you – whether it’s as simple as your running trainers, or as complex as resistance bands, portable dumbbells, and a yoga mat – and you’ll be halfway there. Packing with fitness in mind is also a good way of keeping you focused. If you are thinking about your exercise routine right from the start you are far more likely to stick with it once the vacation gets going!

Be an early riser

The Best Routine to Stay In Shape While on Vacation

It might not sound appealing, but the best time to get a workout in on vacation is first thing in the morning. It gets you up and moving right from the off, avoids the heat of the day in hotter climates, and leaves you the rest of the day free to explore and have normal vacation adventures!

Get creative

The Best Routine to Stay In Shape While on Vacation

When traveling you may well find yourself far from a gym, a running track, or any of the normal things you need for your exercise routine. So get creative! Swimming is a fantastic workout so hit the pool or the sea. Find alternatives to gym equipment – lift coconuts, logs, whatever is around! Try hill running rather than track running. Think outside the box and you’ll find plenty of opportunities for creative fitness activities.

Enjoy yourself

The most important thing to do is to remember that you are on vacation, and enjoy yourself! Exercise can be a lovely part of a trip – there’s nothing like a beach run or a morning spent paddleboard, for example – but you should always give yourself a break and enjoy the indulgent side of your time off as well!

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