More people in today’s world are concerned with well-being. They are committed to healthier living by employing wholesome meal plans and fitness routines. Plus they find safe ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Adding in a specific level of intensity (specific to your capabilities) can help expel stress and pressure while giving your body a profound training session. Some people enjoy higher levels of intensity. Those generally benefit from pre-workout powders and supplements meant to help fuel the body with extra nutrients so it can power on when the mind says enough is enough. You’ll find each brand is unique like, for example, Total War pros and cons will be different from others you’ll find on the market.

It’s essential to take time to research specific ingredients and possible results so you can find one that will match your desired goals. Consult with your physician for recommendations as well.

What Are Some Benefits And Downsides Of Pre Workouts Like Total War

Pre-workout supplements like Total War mean to boost energy while training and enhance overall performance. The FDA doesn’t regulate many of the manufactured supplements or vitamins and diet supplies on the market.

These keep them from the same types of rigorous testing standards that pharmaceutical manufacturers hold to. That isn’t saying pre-workouts are not advantageous. However, users should be cautious and research plus consult with their primary physician before using the products.

Find out the pros and cons of supplements and powders here. Let’s check out the pros and some of the downsides to these powders and supplements.

total war


  1. Focus and alertness are enhanced.

When you have focus and find yourself alert, there’s a level of motivation that keeps you powering through your workout aside from the benefit of an exuberant level of energy that increases your physical performance.

Attempting to get into the best shape to attain a level of wellness is easier when you can work harder and extend the training longer. The most significant component of physical fitness and achieving health and well-being is the desire to do so, a strong mindset.

It’s also the primary element to achieving the best workout, the mental aspect. Without that level of determination, it’s a challenge to go all-in on training whether you supplement or not.

  1. Improvements seen in performance levels.

Quality ingredients are essential in pre-workouts like Total War to help boost energy, allow extended sessions, greater endurance, and more strenuous workouts. These provide additional nutrients where they’re needed, so the calories you burn result in muscle gains so that you reach the goals you set for yourself much more efficiently.

  1. Recovery and healing improve.

Sometimes athletes mistakenly believe if you don’t feel fatigued and sore following a workout, you haven’t worked hard enough or pushed to the extreme. That can, in fact, slow down recovery and cause you to take time off from training until you heal.

Ingredients in pre-workouts such as beta-alanine, caffeine, and creatinine mean to promote recovery and lead to faster healing. In this way, there is minor soreness and an ability to get back to the gym on your regular schedule with minimal delay times.


  1. The potential for dehydration is genuine.

The suggestion is there are ingredients in some supplements excreting water. This in turn can lead to bouts of dehydration for which many people suffer headaches as a result.

When employing supplements as part of your fitness regimen, it’s essential to drink plenty of water with these. As a rule, drinking water for hydration is something you should do for overall wellness, with recommended daily allowances suggested to drink until you reach your comfortability.

You don’t want to overindulge until you become uncomfortable. Each person is different and will find an unusual amount of water suitable for a given day.

  1. The possibility of insomnia.

Caffeine is often a primary element in most powders and supplements, with some much more than others. The ingredients mean to boost energy, create focus and alertness. Unfortunately, there are often times where there is a higher level than you anticipate. This can leave you with resultant jitters and an ultimate crash after the workout. In that same breath, you can find yourself having sleepless nights.

The idea is to ensure the caffeine in your supplement is not on overdrive but at a moderate level. It does the job of boosting energy levels but not bringing undesirable side effects.

Final Thought

No one should view supplements or powders as magic solutions to help achieve fitness goals in a fast, easy way with minimal thought or effort. A training program shouldn’t be considered a quick or simple process. These require a level of consistency and planning combined. And that is followed by an intense amount of working out to burn the energy you achieve with the pre-workouts and a wholesome eating plan. After all, the ultimate goal is optimum general health and a sense of well-being.

total war

When considering supplements, it’s essential to understand your body chemistry and level of tolerance with specific ingredients, including higher levels of caffeine.

That’s where a consultation with a primary care physician will be necessary. That way you can ensure this option is right for you specifically. Pre-workouts aren’t a good fit for everyone. Even if the doctor agrees with the regimen, the supplements need to be taken the right way (approximately 30 minutes before a training session) and with proper training.

You must engage in a higher intensity exercise when using pre-workouts rather than merely participating in a standard fitness routine. The ingredients in these supplements are such that those completing less than intense routines would not see as great of benefit because they wouldn’t burn the energy achieved with the supplements.

Choices like Total War are designed to work with these higher-intensity exercise regimens. Healthy meal plans will also complete a wellness regimen. In the grand scheme, when composed of quality ingredients, trainees can find advantages that help guide them towards their overall health and well-being goals.

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