Smoking is an extremely difficult habit to kick and many people try unsuccessfully to quit throughout the year.

Surveys by Action on Smoking and Health have found that while the majority of smokers would like to quit, only 30-40% of habitual smokers will attempt this per year.

However, it’s well known that smoking is a dangerous habit that affects your health, your finances, and your loved ones, so there are plenty of reasons to try kick cigarettes to the kerb this year.

And, with Stoptober taking place nationwide this month, now is the perfect time to try.

Here are the top three reasons why you should try to quit smoking and how vaping can help you do this.

1. To Improve Your Health

This is the most obvious reason to quit smoking, but is also the one that has the most important impact.

Smoking seriously damages your heart, lungs, and brain, with one in two long-term smokers dying from a related disease. Smoking causes around 90% of lung cancers and is instrumental in heart disease, lung disease and other cancers such as throat cancer. It can also affect your brain, skin, fertility and mental health.

Smoking can also have serious effects on those around you, including your loved ones. Nearly five million children are regularly inhaling second-hand smoke, which can increase their risk of lung cancer and heart disease by almost 25%.

Vaping, on the other hand, is a much healthier and safer way to get your nicotine fix. A 2015 report by Public Health England concluded that e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than tobacco.

So, with many of our New Year’s Resolutions focusing on getting fitter, what better way to help you do this than quitting smoking before the end of the year?

2. To Improve Your Finances

Smoking is an extremely expensive habit, with most serious smokers spending thousands of pounds on cigarettes a year.

On average, people smoke around eleven cigarettes a day, which equates to around £30 a week when buying an average pack of 20 at £8.81. However, for those who smoke a pack a day, this cost goes up to around £60 a week.

Vaping, on the other hand, can amount to just £5 a week for a new e-liquid, after the initial outlay of around £35 for a starter kit.

This can equate to a possible saving of over a thousand pound for those smoking ten a day, with those smoking more looking to save nearly £2500 on average.

Just think of all the great presents you could buy with that.

3. To Regain Your Senses

One of the adverse effects of smoking is the dulling of your sense of smell and taste. Similarly, it can leave a strong smell lingering on clothes, furnishings and even your furry friends!

Vaping is an excellent way to not only improve these senses but also to experiment more with your taste buds.

E-liquids can come in hundreds of different flavours, from traditional menthol to donut, meaning you have a much more pleasant experience with vaping than cigarettes.

Many suppliers, such as Cloudz Vapour, also stock a range of nicotine levels meaning you can adapt to your personal needs.

So, this year, you might actually be able to taste your Christmas dinner!

For more help and guidance on quitting smoking, visit the NHS England website who can offer support along the way. Hopefully, this article will give you the motivation you need for quitting smoking.

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