The perfect man cave should have that certain pull that makes a man want to retreat in his own little bubble at home. It could be where you put all your sports collectibles or a spot where you can just hang out, watch your favorite sports shows, or play your favorite video games in peace.

If you have been meaning to start creating your own mancave at home, let it be known that the possibilities are absolutely endless. Although one thing is for sure, it should be designed just the way you want it to be. After all, it’s going to be your own personal haven right in the comfort of your home.

At this point, you surely have at least a little idea on your mind as to how it should look or what items, furniture, gadget or appliance you should add to it.

However, if you don’t know how to get started yet, here are some insider tips for designing your own man cave.

1.) Get the details right

When you want to get started on designing or building your own man cave, always put some attention to the details. Choosing the materials you want to use should be deliberate especially if you are aiming for a certain look or feel to the room.

Of course, it would not be a man cave without a perfect sense of masculinity in the room. You can either play with leather, glass, wood, or brass since these are staples for this kind of room.

2.) Invest in some great lighting

Your lighting plays a huge part in creating the perfect mood for the room. Apart from functionality, choosing the room’s lighting should also make a statement in itself.

Are you leaning on a sleek and modern feel? Go for brass or glass lighting pieces. If your mood leans more to creating a vintage feel, you could go for refurbished pieces, wooden fixtures, and the like.

3.) Size does matter

Of course, the perfect lair should have enough room to fit everything you want to put in it. If you’re thinking about creating your own home theater in your man cave, then it’s definitely reasonable to want a bigger space for it.

The size of the room will surely depend on what your ideas are for it. Make sure that there’s enough room to go around for it not to feel too cramped.

4.) Add in some “head-turners”

The pieces that you should add to the room should have that “wow factor” especially when you plan to invite some friends over in the future. It could be a widescreen TV, a complete home theater, state-of-the-art appliances, or the latest gaming consoles with the top and rising video games.

If you want some timeless and interactive gaming items to become your lair’s main attraction, you can add in pieces that will definitely be crowd favorites. This could be a foosball table, a top of the line dart set, a pool table, or even an air hockey table. It’s definitely up to you!

5.) Stick to a theme

If you like being trendy, you can also decide on a theme for your very own man cave. This way, you can easily decide on what pieces to buy or what kind of materials or decorations should you spend your money on to create your perfect little lair.

As mentioned, creating your little haven at home should be made the way you want it. It should be something that you would love to go, spend time in, and just relax after a demanding day.

The Bottom Line

All in all, remember that your own man cave is your personal slice of reprieve from the comfort of your humble abode. Therefore, take time to think, plan, and create the right concept for it before you get your hands dirty in building it.

This way, it will make it more rewarding to see it unfold right before your eyes and before you know it, your man cave is ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Google/Flickr

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