Tired of looking at the same bedroom layout every day? Is furniture feeling more drab than fab? Don’t worry—you can easily transform your bedroom into the personal palace of your dreams with just a few tips on interior design changes and additions.

This guide will take you through the seemingly endless options of design modifications for your bedroom—so you can feel as inspired in your space as you are in the outside world.   

#1: Hang Tight

Look up! What do you see? Nothing? We thought so.

One of the coolest and easiest ways to revamp your room and make better use of your space is to hang items from the ceiling. Here are some hangable pieces you never thought you’d want until now:

  • Curtains as room separators 
  • Oversized, woven bamboo lamp
  • Cool glass bowls with succulents or lush greenery
  • Macramé hammock
  • Bubble hanging chair from Kardiel
  • Paper lanterns with ornate designs
  • Pendant lights with Edison bulbs
  • Garlands or prayer flags

By hanging cool decorations and furniture pieces from your ceiling, you’re adding dynamic layers to your room that gives it a unique, fresh look and utilizes the full extent of the space available. 

#2: Invest in a Conversation Piece

Conversation pieces help you nail down a “theme” or feel for your room, whether you want to go sophisticated and luxurious, cool and sporty, or boho and relaxed. They could be anything from a thrifted velvet-upholstered chair to a goofy retro pinball machine you got from your uncle’s garage. 

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No matter what the piece is, position it as the focal point of your room and rearrange your furniture accordingly—not only will that improve the flow of your space, but it’ll also give it a deliberate look that will impress any visiting friend—or romantic interest. 

#3: Stick up for Yourself

No one likes stickiness—when you step on something unknown, brush against a strange substance, or spill a sugary drink on the floor. However, using stickers and sticky materials can be an excellent strategy when redecorating your room.

Here are our tips for using stickiness to your advantage:

  • Hang up cool vintage signs or posters
  • Paste up an elegant wallpaper
  • Programmable Adafruit LED light strips for an aesthetic unique to you
  • Line your room with fake tiling for a retro kitchen vibe
  • Glow-in-the dark stickers if you’re feeling extra nostalgic

Your walls offer valuable decorative real estate that you can fill with cool new finds to reflect your even cooler personality. Don’t be afraid to go off-the-wall with it. 

#4: Don’t Neglect Comfort

We recommend Layla mattresses, weighted blankets, and memory foam pillows to optimize sleep and improve your overall health and quality of life. Remember that your bed frame matters, too—choosing a sturdy, well-sized bed is crucial to ensuring a good night’s rest and an even better morning.  

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#5: Light Your Way

Changing how you use light in your room can have a night-and-day impact on how you feel during the night and the day. In the daytime, make sure you install lightweight, flowing curtains instead of ugly, rustling shudders to let the sunlight spill into your room (while reducing intense glare). 

At night, have blackout curtains at the ready to shut out any extra light trying to slip into your room and interrupt your sleep. Buy some cool glowing sleep lamps to transform your room into your very own nighttime nook—investing in your sleep through these small changes can have a tremendously positive impact on your daily life, health, and physical prowess. 

#6: Make Your Friends Go Green with Envy

Surrounding yourself with stress-relieving greenery, fresh flowers, and aromatic indoor plants can do wonders for your room’s aesthetic presence and your mood. All you need are a few cool vases—we recommend copper for a rustic, industrial vibe—and some low-maintenance succulents to take your room from boring to blooming.  

Jump into a new hobby by growing your own veggies and herbs in a cool, sleek countertop garden right in your room—you’ll love spending some tranquil time watering your plants and saving some extra money. 

Let Your Bedroom Reflect Your Personality

No matter who you are, you deserve a space that’s yours and makes you feel truly at ease. Whether you want a dark, lounge-like room, or a space that’s bright and inviting, these tips on interior design should help you lean into your personal aesthetic, without sacrificing comfort or style.

So, what are you waiting for? Start decorating!

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