Many weight loss supplements rely on ingredients that have been shown to boost your metabolism, decrease your appetite, or increase fat loss.
Stimulants like Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Synephrine ramp up the central nervous system, and your heart rate, to help promote weight loss.

Appetite suppressants like Chromium Picolinate, Glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, and others can help ward off hunger and minimize appetite. This will help you to eat fewer calories and shed those pounds.

For those who are sensitive to stimulants, stimulant-free fat burners are also an alternative option. Natural ingredients like capsaicinoids, ginger, and CLA may be used to give your body a gentle thermogenic boost. Heating up the old engine burns calories. If that’s what you’re looking for, this may be the option for you.

Then, what are the top 10 pills you should know?


Phen375 offers a variety of ways it encourages your body to lose weight. While suppressing your appetite it also improves your metabolism by providing your body with extra energy. Not only that, Phen375 is well known for a safe but also natural fat burner that sheds weight at a much quicker rate than any other competition on the market.

Because Phen375 offers a combination of positives when you consume it you can enjoy more weight loss in a shorter time frame. If you find it hard to avoid foods and do not have much willpower when sticking to a strict diet plan, Then Phen375 can help you avoid snacks by reducing your appetite and improving energy levels.

This way you do not suffer that crash most dieters experience when dieting and cutting down on calories.

The Phen375 supplement is by far the best and safest pharmaceutical alternative.

  • Diet Pill Effect: Hunger Suppressant & Fat Burning
  • Sales History: 7+ years
  • Type of Ingredient: Natural extracts
  • Side Effects: Mild stomach aches

Raspberry Ketone Plus

The active ingredient in this product has taken the dieting world by storm. Made from EU approved pure raspberry ketones, this product is the UK’s most popular raspberry ketone brands and many have been seeing rapid weight loss results for years.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is an amazing, exciting fat-burning formula that contains not only raspberry ketones as the main component, but also an effective combination of superfruits and fat burning formulation to help improve stamina, suppress hunger and still provide essential antioxidants to your body.

As a naturally-derived, clinically-tested product, Raspberry Ketone Pure is approved by the EU and is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.


The focus of Zotrim is to help you take control of your eating habits. It makes it much easier to cut calories by eating smaller portions and not giving it to cravings.

The result is that you tend to eat less while exercising more. It works for people who have trouble controlling their food intake. It helps them get that under control, which provides motivation to exercise more and stick with the program.

It is also a good choice for new dieters who are simply overwhelmed by all the choices available.

Zotrim works in four way;
It controls appetite: This makes it easier to stop eating junk food, avoid late night cravings and control portion sizes.
It fills you up: Your feelings of fullness after a meal last longer when you take Zotrim.
It has energy boosters that make it easier to get exercise.
It also increases the positive effects of your workout by increasing fat burning.

  • Diet Pill Effect: Hunger Suppressant & Fat Burning
  • Sales History: 7+ years
  • Type of Ingredient: Natural extracts
  • Side Effects: Mild stomach aches


With the power to burn fat, block fat production, plus suppress the appetite makes this product an all-round powerful diet pill, suitable for most people’s needs.

Along with the extra ability to enhance both energy levels and mood, make this best selling supplement really should be the first on your consideration list if you want to lose weight.

Unlike most diet pills that focus on only one element of your weight loss, PhenQ offers a solution that works from all angles that you need to shred the fat. And that is something you will not get from most other weight loss products.

With its powerful new slimming formula, PhenQ combines multiple weight loss benefits that help you to get the slim body you have always wanted.

PhenQ would be a good choice for people who want a product that targets multiple angles but prefer all-natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients such as those found in some other more harsh products.

PhenQ would also suit those who haven’t had any luck with diet and fitness programs alone, or with diet aids that approach the problem from a single aspect.

This unique fat burning blend lends a powerful approach to help you lose weight in 5 ways:

  • Helps burn your stored fat
  • Stops cravings and helps you want to eat less
  • Helps blocks the production of fat
  • Boosts your mood
  • Improves your energy levels

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is a well-known and fully natural diet supplement that has two active ingredients; Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry ketones.

Garcinia Cambogia Diet Pills are extracted from the rind of the Malabar tamarind fruit. The fruit is found in South East Asia and India and has been used medicinally and in food preparation for centuries.

Its fruit rind extract has been proven as an innovative way to lose fat, tone up your body and suppress appetite attribute.

Raspberry Ketones are the prominent component of Garcinia Cambogia Extra. It works as a fat burner and allows your body to burn fat naturally. It is linked to the hormone adiponectin that controls metabolic processes and the fat in the body.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is a “Dual Action Fat Buster” weight loss supplements that suppress appetite as well as restricts the fat formation of the body.

It is all in one natural dietary supplement with no side effects. Garcinia Cambogia Extra works have various positives like;

  • It is completely Natural diet pills extracted from fruits used for centuries
  • Check cravings for sugar/salt/carbohydrates
  • Improves Body weight loss & Inhibits Fat Creation
  • Contains Raspberry ketones that work as a natural fat burner
  • Best fat burner, appetite suppressant & Mood Enhancer
  • No Horrible side effects like nausea or headaches

Proactol XS

Proactol XS is regarded as one of the leading fat binders since 2010. It achieves this by absorbing the fat within your stomach and your gut.

Proactol XS binds the fat within your stomach then depositing it when you go to the toilet. A scientific study was carried out in 2008 observing Opuntia ficus indicia, which is the most active ingredient of Proactol XS.
Proactol XS effects
The fat-binding concept is the primary feature of this supplement. The concept of fat-binding means that all of the dietary fats which we ingest aren’t stored in the body.

More than 27 percent of fats ingested in our diet get negated when using this supplement. Simply said, if you consume 100 calories from fat content, more than a quarter of these wouldn’t count in your daily caloric intake.

It also functions as an appetite suppressant, which definitely helps make it much more effective.

  • Diet Pill Effect: Fat Binder
  • Sales History: 3+ years
  • Type of Ingredient: Natural extracts
  • Side Effects: Mild stomach aches


Adiphene is a long-standing supplement that’s still capable of helping you lose weight safely. Produced by a company called RDK Pharm, Adiphene enjoys positive feedback from dieters all over the world.

Although a user may experience stomach aches and constipation, users still opt for the RDK brand of diet pills!

Adiphene flush your extra fat with multiple approaches. As these approaches are combined at the same time, they will result in a more fat loss:

  • Eat less: Glucomannan in Adiphene makes you less hungry. The less calorie you consume, the much fat you will burn.
  • Exercise more: Adiphene offers you more energy, allowing you to force your body into fat burning.
  • Faster metabolism: This means a lot. More calories will be burned. More stored fat will be transformed to fuel.

The final result is that your weight will be decreased

  • Diet Pill Effect: Hunger Suppressant & Fat Burning
  • Sales History: 7+ years
  • Type of Ingredient: Natural extracts
  • Side Effects: Mild stomach aches


There’s almost nothing this supplement can’t do. It has been officially produced and distributed by one of the most well-known firms in the industry – Bauer Nutrition.

Made up of top-of-the-league medical experts, this specific company prides itself on taking good care of its customers.

It uses nothing but natural and safe ingredients in all of its products.

The Meratol supplement functions as a fat burner, appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and carbohydrate blocker. It has natural ingredients which are unique to Meratol.
Meratol’s been shown prior to its release in 2007 it has many dieting properties with no side effects.

On average users claim it reduces about 3 to 5 lbs every week accompanied by a diet plan and rigorous exercise routine.

  • Diet Pill Effect: Carb Blocker & Fat Burning
  • Sales History: 5+ years
  • Type of Ingredient: Natural extracts
  • Side Effects: Mild stomach aches


Phen24 is an all-new product that takes your fat loss to the next level, combining a two-part system that works both day and night to help you get the best possible results.

Most dieters have a hard time controlling their appetite in the evening, which is where this two-part system really shines.

Phen24 provides you the fat burning and energy boosting support you need to get through the day and then changes gears to give you the appetite suppression and sleep support to help maximize fat loss through the night.

This product provides a much wider range of benefits, helping to increase your metabolism and boosting your energy levels during the day, while reducing cravings, promoting better sleep and keeping your metabolism humming while you sleep.

  • Speed up metabolism: An active metabolism plays an important role in weight cutting since it helps our body annihilate the calories and extra fat.
  • Elevate energy level: The faster process of converting fat into energy, the more calories you can eliminate. This way, you don’t have to work out hours a day in the gym but still is able to lose weight.
  • Suppress hunger: Phen24 has an ingredient called Glucomannan which is an appetite suppressant natural fiber. Since it is hard to digest, it makes you feel full and “prevents” you from food.
  • Promote better sleep: You might not know that stress can trigger weight gain. As Phen24 improves your sleep quality, it prevents you from weight gain.


PhenBlue – another trustworthy product from Intechra Health – gives you the best weight loss pills which not only help you get back your lean and healthy body but also improve your overall health. Made of 100% clinically-researched ingredients, PhenBlue is recommended for everyone.

PhenBlue incorporates the latest clinically studied fat loss ingredients such as NeOpuntia (Opuntia Ficus-Indica), Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine), Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder and Theobromine.
PhenBlue eliminates the need to totally restrict your diet and give up 100% of the foods that you would normally enjoy.

This takes some of the pressure off dieting so you can stick to your program and enjoy losing weight for once.
PhenBlue drives your healthy living results through the roof with the ability to:

  • Block fat: PhenBlue diminishes the number of calories coming from the fat that you consume every day. You don’t need to refuse all of your fatty favorites. Just make sure the daily diet is well-balanced.
  • Promote fat oxidation: PhenBlue encourages the process of fat oxidation, which means it forces fat into fuel for a higher rate of fat burning.
  • Control your appetite: Everything will be nothing if you cannot stop eating too much. PhenBlue understands your problem by helping you get over your hunger feeling.
  • Increase energy and stamina: PhenBlue’s nutrients provide you with more energy to burn out during workout sessions. Despite less eating, you’re always active and productive during the day.


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