Track shoes are specifically built to make your running or walking smoothly on the tracks. Moreover, track shoes are a great way to enhance your athletic performance. But it is very essential, to research track shoes and also make some important notes before buying them. You will reap all the benefits of track shoes if you bought the right one from the store. Most runners tend to ignore important factors about track shoes and then end up bringing the wrong shoe.

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To get the accurate fit of track shoes, make sure first you wear your workout socks and then try the shoe by wearing it. Also, have a quick run around the store to ensure that you can roam freely and comfortably around the tracks. Also, spikes on the track shoes are the most important factor to observe. They play a crucial role in increasing the speed and provide support for walking on uneven surfaces. Spikes do have categories like sprinting, long-distance runners, middle-distance runners. Depending on the runner type you can prefer different types of spikes. Discover more relevant information about track shoes and our team has listed out a good collection of shoes. Hope you will like them.

Tips to Buy Track Shoes


5 Best Track Shoes for Every Type of Run and Field

As we have seen before, you should be aware of spikes on shoes. Spikes are nothing but, the steel thing that is located below the shoes. They are usually built for long-term running on tracks. Also, you can expect faster running and force forward experience with spikes.
If you are looking for race track shoes that are less in distance then go for track shoes that have sprinting spikes. The spikes of these shoes are geared on the front side and the focus is more on speed. They are less cushioned but designed to increase alertness. A large number of spikes are there on sprinting track shoes because they offer maximum grip and withstand more force.

Same way middle distance runners, are lightweight and got extra padding that makes your running comfortable. Also, they have more cushioning and also allow you to maintain a reasonable speed. Track shoes with versatile spikes are the aggressive ones. They are specifically designed for athletes and are built to face any kind of surface. So if you are a beginner, then the best track shoes for you would be middle-distance runners or short-distance runners.


Size plays a vital role in track shoes or any kind of shoes. If you are prone to supinate then check the number of pins on spikes. Four pinned spikes are placed on the center and are best for pronation. If you focus on fit, then go for physical purchase. Wear the shoe and see if it is fitting comfortably and you do not feel any discomfort. A right size shoe will give you a good fit, moreover, you will experience better running on tracks.

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Best Collection of Track Shoes

Nike Zoom Superfly

Nike Zoom Superfly Track Shoes

They are particularly designed for speed. The Dynamic Fit technology makes the runner experience a secure fit.

Nike Air Zoom MaxFly

5 Best Track Shoes for Every Type of Run and Field

This track shoe will give a snug race-fit and does have aggressive traction. It is slightly expensive but will also give you a comfortable fit.

Adidas Adizero

5 Best Track Shoes for Every Type of Run and Field

For durability, lightweight and secure fitness, this shoe ranks one of the top ones amongst the athletes. Most of them experience growth in their performance.

Asics Long Jump Pro

5 Best Track Shoes for Every Type of Run and Field

These track shoes offer excellent forefoot support mostly good for long jumps. But you can use them for long track walks too.

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Nike Zoom Rival

5 Best Track Shoes for Every Type of Run and Field

This is suitable for mid-distance running and most users have reported that this shoe is worth buying for giving benefits like comfort, performance and smooth running. It holds the foot properly also there are many ranges of colors available for this track shoe.

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