Crab walk is an intense whole body workout that makes use of your body weight for resistance. A crab walk is a fun exercise that turns into a full-body workout. If you are bored of the gym and willing to try something fun and new, then a crab walk will be a good choice. The exercise focuses on each muscle of your body, that is why you should incorporate this workout into your daily routine. Coordination, balance, and posture are the key elements targeted by crab walk.

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 Animal flow movements like crab walks have been derived from various sports techniques. This kind of exercise draws funny attention towards fitness enthusiasts. This exercise does not need any special gym equipment because you can just do it anywhere also during your vacation. It is nothing but blends of pushups and squats that gives you a solid core workout. If you want stronger arms and legs in one exercise then doing this workout is the ultimate option. Moreover, you can add this movement as a warm-up before your high-intensity workouts. Discover more about tips to perfect crab walk and reap the maximum benefits.

How to do Crab Walk

How to do Crab Walk
  1. To do a crab walk start by sitting on the floor. Your legs should be extended out.
  2. Your arms should be placed beside you with wingers pointed in the forward position.
  3. With the slight distance between your legs bend your knees. 
  4. Lift your body in the air. Remember, only your hands and legs should touch the floor. 
  5. Move forward like how the crabs move. Move your left foot and right hand first and then switch by right foot and left hand.
  6. Walk ahead slowly like a crab. As you move, have a controlled breath. 
  7. Do this for around 30 seconds and 3 sets of rep.

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Essential Tips to Master Crab Walk

Essential Tips to Master Crab Walk

Before you step into doing this workout, you can do some kind of warmup exercises like stretches push-ups, and hip rotations. You should be comfortable with your speed while you are moving backward and forward. Do not go beyond your speed limits. Proper balance is necessary when you step equally with your hands and feet. 

Balancing speed between your legs and hands equally is the key to mastering the crab walk. Avoid moving hands quickly otherwise, you will not perform it correctly. Initially, you will find your limbs shaking if you are not used to the bodyweight training exercise. After the third set, you will feel comfortable and will master this exercise. Before trying out crab walk you can first try a bear walk. It is just like an inverted position. A crab walk will help you build strong legs and torso while a bear walk will help you focus on your arms and tricep.

The other most important tip is tightening your core throughout the carb walk. The more tight core the more you can raise your hips. Furthermore, you will even kick this workout with high intensity and simultaneously target major muscles at a time. 

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Target Muscles

How to do Crab Walk? Some Useful Tips to Do it - 2022


Crab walk is an exceptional workout to build strong triceps and tone them. Moreover, elbow extension and flexibility are also other benefits you can get when trices are targeted.


Crab walk primarily targets shoulder muscles to build a strong posterior chain.

Trapezius Muscles

Traps are situated on your upper back. Rhomboids and traps are simultaneously focused while doing crab walks and ensure to have a strong upper back.

Crab Walk Benefits

How to do Crab Walk? Some Useful Tips to Do it - 2022
  1. Undoubtedly crab walk is a full-body workout, in a short period and with less effort, your muscles get strengthened and toned.
  2. It does anywhere anytime exercise where you can do this exercise at the comfort of your home or in the park.
  3. It is an excellent exercise to learn coordination and balance and will also help you to master balance in other workouts too.

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