Single leg hip thrust workout is a powerful exercise that contributes to strong glute muscles. The exercise also helps to achieve a well-rounded physique. If you are focusing on attaining glute isolation, then perform a single leg hip thrust. Apart from working on glutes, the muscle also targets lower back muscles, hamstrings and quads. It does bring out valuable addition to your home workouts too. Also a good way of doing exercise if there are limitations of the equipment. 

Single leg hip thrusts are challenging but they are better when it comes to improving your overall body posture and health. The exercise involves superior motion that makes hips rise to the ceiling. But it is useful only when you master this workout with proper techniques. Many workouts target glutes muscles, but single leg hip thrust targets glutes effectively and is more powerful than the rest of the exercise. To improve mobility, strength, and balance you should incorporate this exercise into your daily routine. Discover more about how to perform single leg hip thrust accurately and check out its important benefits.

How to do Single Leg Hip Thrust

How to do Single Leg Hip Thrust

For this workout, you just need a single equipment bench. 

  1. Place the bench behind your back. 
  2. One foot should be on the floor and the other foot placed at 90 degrees. 
  3. Raise your other leg until hips form together at a 90-degree angle.
  4. Your arms should be rested flat on the bench and make sure that your body part starting from the upper back is outside the bench.
  5. Considering your upper back as a pivot point, move up and down and create a force.
  6. Raise your hips till they make a line with your torso.
  7. Pause for a few seconds, squeeze your glutes return to starting position.
  8. Repeat the steps at least 5 times.

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Single Leg Hip Thrust Variation

Weighted Hip Thrust

The weighted one is similar to the standard version. Add a weight like a dumbbell or a kettlebell to the raised leg. You can either decrease or increase the weight as per your suitable choice. Better to start with a lower weight. Also start with the dumbbell first, the weighted variation will make increase your core and leg strength.

Banded Single Leg Hip Thrust

Instead of weights, a resistance band is used to do single leg hip thrust. A band should be tied around the working leg and then try to perform the thrust. Do this in a controlled motion, extend the hip of your working leg then bring it back to its initial position.

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes  Single Leg Hip Thrust

Hyperextending Your Back

While doing single leg hip thrust, avoid extending your back too much. This will prevent your hips from raising and glutes will reach just minimal contraction. To avoid this mistake, slightly tilt your hin down so that hips and legs can achieve maximum contraction.

Elbows Motion

In this workout, it is necessary to create force through glutes but mostly people push through their arms and elbows. So here you will experience load on your arms than glutes making this exercise difficult to perform. 

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Less Contraction of Muscle

If you are not fully contracting your muscles then there is a possibility of not reaping the full benefits of this workout and thus leading to a lower back injury. So it is essential to achieve full contraction of a muscle to prevent uneasiness.


Master Single Leg Hip Thrust with Perfect Form - 2022
  1. This exercise helps to increase the strength of hip extension. Furthermore, climbing stairs, yoga and everyday activities become easy to do.
  2. Also, hip extension plays a vital role in sports-based activities like jumping and running.
  3. Most people found hip thrust benefits similar to barbell and hex bar deadlifts.
  4. Stronger glutes promote a strong lower body ad hence there are high chances to improve athletic performance by single leg hip thrust.
  5. Also, muscle recovery is possible with this workout.

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