Premature Ejaculation is the most common problem amongst men. If you too are suffering from this then do not worry. Roman Swipes will come to your rescue. If you reach to climax much before than you wanted, Roman swipes will prevent you from doing it. The major role of Roman swipes is to prevent premature ejaculation. Regardless of how many times you had sex, at some point in time, you must have faced ejaculation. Moreover, getting embarrassed in front of your partner is the worst feeling ever.

Roman swipes will help you to delay this premature ejaculation. Also, apart from this, you should try to change some sex positions and please your partner orally to overcome the ejaculation problem. But if you have tried many methods and still have not overcome this problem, then Roman swipes is the solution. It is a male genital desensitizer. PE impacts your sex life and according to a sex expert, the main reason is psychological issues. From age 18-60 one in third men suffers and are even embarrassed to come across this issue and address it. Let us, deep-dive, into more information regarding Roman Swipes.

What Exactly are Roman Swipes

What Exactly are Roman Swipes

Roman Swipes are wipes that have a numbing agent, benzocaine. Benzocaine is nothing but a product that is used to treat sensitive areas and also gives relief through pain. It is specifically designed to prevent PE. Also helps you to last longer in bed. According to Roma’s general manager George Koveos, “Swipes are also the only over-the-counter product for PE that has a clinical study connected to it”. You have much control over the private part when you use Roman Swipes. they are portable. you can easily carry them in the pocket just like you carry a condom with you.

Roman Brand Overview

Use Roman Swipes, Fulfill your Fantasy and Last Longer in Bed - 2022

The Roman Health Ventures company offers health products for males. The company also provides medication for diseases like erectile dysfunction, hair loss, stress, etc. Roman also works with licensed pharmacies and does offer appointments, online consultation with expert doctors, prescriptions, and free shipping of products. On BBB it has a 2.5 rating out of 5 and on Trustpilot, it has 2.9. Some customer reviews stated that they did not like the Roman product and some did like it. So the brand has mixed reviews regarding their product.

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Roman Swipes Product Information

Roman Swipes Product Information

One box has 8 wipes and you can get it even without the prescription. According to the company, Roman Swipes should be applied to the sensitive penis and allowed to dry for 5 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. 


Wipes has 4% of benzocaine solution and it plays a crucial role in controlling ejaculation. According to the survey, after 2 months of treatment of this solution, most people cured their problem of premature ejaculation. Also wipes reportedly helped to increase sexual pleasure. Some minor side effects are noticed like burning or tingling sensation, pain, stiffness, or itchiness. But they go away with time.

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Where to Purchase Roman Swipes

  1. Walmart sells Roman Swipes which are typical of two packs or sometimes five. If you spend more than $35, you will get free shipping. 
  2. Rejoyn Medical also offers wipes and has also stated that the product is safe to use and can also be used along with the condom. 

More Information About Roman Swipes

More Information About Roman Swipes
  1. The wipes last about 30 minutes
  2. Also, chances are there if you do not wait for a long time after applying to your penis, then the solution could get transferred to your partner.
  3. Some men have reported a feeling of mild numbness after applying it on the penis and some have said it feels like you are wearing a thick condom.
  4. There is also a subscription plan by Roman company. You can prefer a monthly plan which is around $27 per month and a quarterly plan which is around $22 per month.

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