The art of the picnic sometimes gets overlooked. It may seem like a cliché date idea or simply old-fashioned. Don’t sleep on the picnic date. It is actually the most romantic and best way to spend time with your loved ones or new infatuations. You just need the guidance in making your picnic date the best possible experience possible. A bad picnic date could result in disastrous consequences like a break-up.
We have created a quick guideline in turning your date outdoors into a most glorious outing. Here are five tips that will assuredly make her glow loudly.

Make the Location the Best It Could Be

Whether this is a first date or 100th date, the location is what matters most. Distance is big. You don’t want to make your date to travel to the ends of the earth on a hot day and get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Keep it close. You must be mindful of these little things. Also, location matters because it should be intimate. That means you shouldn’t pick a playground with concrete. You should pick a park with plenty of shade and gorgeous views. Make sure the park location is quiet and has lots of trees to have the option to sit under. The most perfect location will be one that’s on a hill that overlooks either a city skyline or some type of water (waterfall or ocean) or vast greenery. Most importantly, find an open space that isn’t busy. You don’t want to be in Central Park with 300 people around you. Remember that privacy equals intimacy.

The Food Should Be Simple

This isn’t a date at a four-star restaurant with three courses. The best picnic food is finger food types. Make sure you put together plenty of fruits from strawberries to blueberries. Actually a watermelon salad with a honey-lime vinaigrette is remarkably delectable. But the best finger food is creating a cheese and meat board with sliced bread. It’s easy to create and pack. If you want to kick up another notch, then celebrity chefs, like Jaime Oliver, suggest that you include jams and jar dressing for dipping your veggies. Another nice touch is to bring with you some flavored waters. The cucumber water will be refreshing and hydrate properly with a twist. Of course, the next best food option is to make sandwiches. There are so many types of great sandwich options like chicken pesto or roasted garlic Caprese sandwiches.

Be Neat and Efficient With the Packing

The last thing you want your date to see is you struggling to carry the meals. Ideally, you want your food and utensils to fit into one basket. First off, prepare the food and place into Tupperware packing. Make sure you include disposal containers to place your salad or sandwich. Don’t forget the utensils. But this all needs to be neatly-place into a cooler or basket or travel accessory of your choice. Lastly, you don’t want your date to think you are a slob. Bring garbage bags to place your disposable items.

Make it Comfortable

The biggest key to a successful picnic is making sure your date is comfy. You are laying on earth. That could translate into dirt or wetness. You will need to pick out a water-resistant blanket so that your loved-one remains untouched by the moisture Mother Nature creates. But you should also bring some throw pillows and blankets that make the experience that much more enjoyable. You are able to stretch and lounge out without worrying about getting messy. Now we don’t mean to buy or bring your Gucci-designed blankets or pillows. You could find some viable ones at Target that appear sleek and stylish as well as providing comfort.

Bring the Games

The best part of this short getaway is to enjoy each other’s company. Yes, you will talk and laugh. But including board games as part of your picnic is so clutch. You don’t know it now but these activities help you learn more about each other as well make your picnic the most memorable experience. Now don’t bring games such as Cards Against Humanity. Keep the game choice to more practical selections such as Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. In fact, you could even bring a frisbee. Others picnic dates could even include books for you to just enjoy each other’s company and brisk air.

The main thing to remember when taking someone out to a picnic is comfortability. You don’t want her to be eaten alive by bugs (don’t be afraid to bring bug spray) or have her outfit in the dry cleaners later that day. You have to be mindful of all small things and that will transform this into the date of the century.

Image credit: Kimberly Mears [Unsplash]

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