There’s something really special about guys who seem to turn the heads of ladies in one instance. They have the “it” thing – charisma, bravado, masculinity (it doesn’t really matter what you’re going to name it, the thing simple exists and it works great each time). And let’s face it, most of us are envious of those guys and would want to be capable of the same. So, what’s the secret to making a woman crazy about you?

A universal answer doesn’t really exist. Let’s face it – if it did, someone would have easily become a millionaire by teaching other guys how to impress hotties.

Still, there are some self-improvements and things you can do to make every woman out there desire you. Here’s a quick list of the approaches that seem to work best.

Be Kind and Attentive

Let’s start out with some scientific research on the topic.

A survey among 64,000 women from 150 countries was carried out in 2020. The researchers asked the ladies what they wanted from a partner. Hence, science has attempted to answer the age-old question of what do women want.

The result is quite simple and very surprising. The number one thing that women wanted was kindness. Thus, being attentive to her needs and knowing how to act like a gentleman can help you go far.

Listen to what she has to say, remember the stuff she shares with you and act on some of her wishes. Paying attention to the information she gives you is the easiest way to get her falling in love. You don’t need to be the biggest macho or the most attractive dude to accomplish the goal of making a woman crazy about you.

Learn the Art of Flirting

Being kind, however, can only get you so far. If you really want to drive her wild, you’ll have to turn yourself into a flirting master.

Chemistry is something you have to foster and build. The things you do and those you say are essential to amp up the desire and get her thinking about becoming undressed in your company.

A good flirt starts with confidence and the right kind of masculine energy. If you’re too reluctant and reserved, chances are that the magic isn’t going to happen. A good flirt is intelligent, lighthearted, humorous, and sexually charged (without being raunchy).

It may seem that accomplishing all those things if you’re not a natural is impossible. This doesn’t have to be the case. Just like with other things, practice makes perfect when you try to flirt. Also, don’t be afraid and learn to enjoy the experience of making a woman crazy about you.

The worst thing that could happen is getting turned down. Even if that’s the case, you’ll still have many opportunities to lure ladies in the future. Hence, there’s nothing to lose and you should definitely practice more often.

What’s the Secret to Making a Woman Crazy About You?

Become a Foreplay and Sex God

Going to bed with someone provides additional opportunities to create an amazing impression and drive her wild.

To accomplish this goal, you’ll definitely need to work on your sexual technique.

For most women, good sex is about one thing – incredible foreplay. You know that it takes women more time to come. Hence, you should be prepared to tease her and please her before moving on to something else.

In this realm, practice is once again required to become perfect.

Also, you should be prepared to try out new things. Keeping an open mind and a willingness to experiment in the bedroom can both help you achieve amazing things.

Don’t be afraid of sex toys. In fact, bringing an enhancement like a male strap on to the bedroom can quickly turn you into a sex god.  You should also be willing to communicate. Asking her about what she likes and following through with it is the ultimate strategy for exceptional sexual performance every single time.

Don’t Put All Your Cards on the Table

Women are into mysterious men and that’s a fact. Being an open book will make her lose all interest almost immediately. This is why you need to leave some things to her imagination.

Teasing essential information without making direct statements can keep her guessing and building various scenarios in her head. If you do that correctly, she will definitely want to see you time and time again.

Maintaining a degree of mystery doesn’t mean playing games. All you have to do is take your time when revealing important information. Giving her something valuable or interesting one step at a time will result in incredible anticipation before each date.

There is such a thing as too much information (TMI) when communicating with a woman you like. Learn to edit yourself and to insert little hooks here and there. This approach is going to pay off almost every single time and make the woman crazy about you.

Work on Your Appearance

This one may seem as a somewhat superficial tip but let’s face it – most of us are superficial creatures.

If you’re going to impress women, you have to look good.

You don’t have to change everything about you. Working out, being properly groomed, choosing the right clothes, and the right scent, however, will create the right kind of the first impression.

Most of us judge others on the basis of appearance before getting to know each other better. This is true for men and it’s also true for women. If you look somewhat unkempt or she feels that your personal hygiene is lacking, you will not get a second chance.

Working on improving your appearance will give you an added benefit and that’s a confidence boost.

Confidence is sexy. You should know your worth and you shouldn’t be afraid of putting emphasis on your main assets. Working out and seeing your body change will definitely transform your sense of self-worth. And while this change may be subtle, women will sense it instinctively.

Making a woman crazy about you isn’t that difficult if you’re enjoying the process and you’re not sweating the small stuff. Dating and flirting should be fun rather than terrifying. Once you achieve this mindset switch, you’ll notice that women are paying more attention to you. Not only does this feel good, but it also gives you a ton of self-esteem for even more exciting romantic experiences in the future.

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