Not all workout programs are created equal. What might work for one person might not necessarily be the right choice for another. That’s why choosing the right workout program can be a very tricky thing, especially since there are a few things you need to consider, such as the intensity of the workout and your physical ability. But there’s another crucial thing that you need to consider: your workout personality.

The way you exercise says a lot about who you are and can help you find out what types of workout are ideal for you. Choosing the right forms of exercise can help you stay in shape and stick to your workout program.

How do you find your workout personality?

When you’re engaging in a workout program, you’ll quickly notice whether the workout is a good fit for you or not. If you constantly find yourself getting disinterested in exercise or feel that working out is such a chore, then it’s possible that your workout personality doesn’t jibe with what you’re doing.

In order to find out your workout personality, here are 6 questions from the American Institute for Cancer Research that you need to answer.

  • Whenever you hear the words physical activity, what immediately comes to your mind?
    1. You get excited and can’t wait to start working out.
    2. You’re eager to exercise but need motivation.
    3. You don’t like the idea but feel great once you start sweating.
  • You enjoy exercising:
    1. Alone, by yourself.
    2. While working with a team.
    3. With a couple of close friends.
  • When you exercise, you usually:
    1. Prep for things well in advance.
    2. Prefer when someone else does the planning.
    3. Just wing it whenever you feel like it.
  • Other people look to you as:
    1. A leader.
    2. Someone who works well on a team.
    3. Someone who’s along for the ride.
  • You enjoy physical activities:
    1. You set yourself.
    2. Set by a professional or a teacher.
    3. On the spur of the moment.

Here are the values of the choices.

  • 1= 1 point
  • 2 = 2 points
  • 3 = 3 points

And here are your possible scores based on your answers:

6-9 points – You’re mainly self-motivated.

10-14 points – You work best with teams or groups.

15-18 points – You’re spontaneous.

And here are the types of workouts that suit you based on your personality:

For those who are self-motivated

Traditional workouts work best for those with a self-motivated personality.

Workouts that depend on a routine work pretty well for you. You tend to lose interest in workouts that aren’t consistent and find them chaotic and disorganized.

Traditional strength training and traditional

cardio routines will work best for your personality type. Getting a personal trainer is also a good idea since they will be able to provide you with the structure that you need in order to stick to your workout.

For those who exercise well in groups

Group exercises such as rowing are ideal for those who exercise well in teams or groups.

People who work well in groups tend to choose workouts that are more social and let them interact with a lot of people. Solo workouts are a big no-no since these will only leave them feeling lonely and disinterested.

Group fitness classes

work best for your needs if you belong to this group. Crossfitindoor group cycling, and team sports are good ways for you to keep fit and healthy. Sports also stimulate your competitive spirit, so it might be a good idea to take up a sport if you’re looking for a new workout.

For those who are more spontaneous

Rock climbing is an exciting sport for those with a more spontaneous personality.

Some people can easily get bored with the routinary nature of certain types of workouts. That’s why for more spontaneous people, a wide variety of new and interesting workouts will work best. Spontaneous people need change to keep them excited, and doing just one type of workout for a long time can make them lose interest pretty quickly.

Workouts that are best for spontaneous people are obstacle coursesmixed workouts that integrate different activities, and “trending” social media workouts.

Mixing up your workouts is a good idea to avoid boredom, so don’t be afraid to be constantly trying out various workout programs.

Finding the right workout might take some trial and error, but with these helpful tips, you should be able to find one that’s best suited to your workout personality.