Office attires can differ from one workplace to another. Your work may require you to be super formal, or a trendier outfit could blend more seamlessly with what you do. While it might no longer be necessary to wear a suit and tie in some workplaces, it’s still handy to have items in your closet that will fit almost any dress code. It’s time that you invest in versatile pieces that will let you rock stylish outfits at work.

It's always important that you have a suit in your closet, whether it's for an office attire or for other formal events

Properly fitting suits

A well-fitting suit is always a man’s best friend when it comes to business and semi-formal occasions. This piece is not only important for your workplace but is also something that you’d use in other affairs. When choosing a suit, make sure to check that the length of the jacket sits right on your wrist, the pant legs are just above your heel, and the collar is not restricting your neck. There should also be no bunch in your midsection when the jacket is buttoned.

Dress shirts

Dress shirts are a foundation for most attires and having them in your wardrobe is important. You can choose plain or subtly patterned shirts in neutral colors to make them easier to pair with your other pieces. You can opt for light blue, light red, and white as these are some of the most flexible colors that you can easily pair with almost anything.

Button ups are versatile pieces that you can use whether for formal or more laidback office attire

Casual button-ups

Casual button-ups are great not only for work but also for date nights. These shirts can make you look laid-back without having that “I just rolled out of bed” feel. Casual button-ups also pair well with other pieces like sweaters and jackets, giving you a stylish look without a lot of effort.

Crewneck sweaters

The versatile crewneck sweaters are a great addition to your office attire wardrobe. They can be used as an additional layer when it’s cold or paired with a shirt inside for a preppy and presentable look. Opt for darker and neutral shades like gray, navy blue, and black to make them easier to pair with other items.

Dress pants/chinos

Dress pants and chinos do not only make for good business casual attires. They’re also great for leveling up your casual look. Their sleek features will be a great complement to your laid-back top.


If your office allows you to wear denims, it is best to stick with darker pants and avoid acid wash, ripped skinny jeans. Darker pants will pair well with sweaters and jackets. They can sometimes even pass for business casual.


Oxfords go well with almost any attire, making them a great statement piece for any look.


Belts are essential whether you are wearing a business attire or just going for a more casual look. Aside from their functionality, leather belts also make everything a little more professional. And yes, we suggest that you tuck in that shirt and show off that belt. It’s necessary and great-looking for any office look.


It’s important that you invest in ties. Choose ones that are plain-colored as well as ones that are patterned so you have something for any theme you might choose.