The World Cup begins on June 14 in Russia for the first time. There’s going to be tons of World Cup merchandise floating all over the internet from shirts to shorts to sneakers to smartphone cases. But there are two companies that have taken time to make the tournament, which takes place every four years, an extra special occasion.
Adidas and Louis Vuitton have to take the initiative to release limited-edition accessories that will certainly be pricey but will be worth the purchase. Trust us. Here’s a sneak peek at the six best items on sale on the respective company’s websites.

Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup Official Match Ball Collection trunk

This is one of the most original high-end trinkets that you will have a chance to corral. The classic soccer ball trunk is based on Vuitton’s classic version. This trunk opens up and reveals storage for 13 soccer balls that were used in the last 13 World Cups. The balls were made especially for the brand by Adidas. This is prized edition that ANY soccer fan will cherish. Believe us, this is a gift for the man that has everything because we’re certain he doesn’t have the soccer ball designed for 1966. So you better get that credit card ready and make your purchase ASAP. It WILL sell out.

Adidas World Cup Originals Jersey

The leading soccer accessory company has unveiled a unique and limited jersey collection. The company will be reintroducing a short list of the best jerseys from the past World Cup teams. The collection will feature vintage editions from Spain, Germany, Russian, Argentina and Belgian. The idea for Adidas is to cater to the die-hard fan that will recall these classic teams. The shirts will be lightweight and feature various insignias. The special edition jerseys will also be complemented with vintage shorts. They will also have numbers of the top players in the beloved tournament such as Russia’s Oleg Protasov and Germany’s captain Lothar Matthaus.

Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup Keepall and Apollo Backpack

If you are traveling light to Russia for the month-long World Cup, then you will need to get your hands on the classic Vuitton Keepall duffel bag and Apollo Backpack. They are made of leather and have bright colors of the tournament painted all over it. But there are versions of the duffel bag that has colors of each team participating in the tournament. There Apollo backpack is designed like a soccer ball and embroider the flags of the teams in the World Cup.

Louis Vuitton Various World Cup Travel Kits

There’s a number of World Cup-inspired accessories produced by Louis Vuitton. But the legendary fashion company will also be releasing a number of smaller World Cup-themed options. There’s the wallet that is designed like a soccer ball and comes in three sizes. The company also released luggage tags with flags of each team that are participating in the tournament. Then, finally, the company realized a laptop cushioned case that will also be designed like a soccer ball and comes in three colors — red, blue and black.

Adidas NEIGHBORHOOD “Winning Collection” Edition

The Japanese-based NEIGHBORHOOD clothing line has collaborated with Adidas to release a series of limited edition soccer jerseys and track jackets to honor the World Cup. There’s The NEIGHBORHOOD series will have a black soccer jersey with neon branding and graphics 3-stripe interpretation. The same color pattern is employed to the track jacket as well. There’s also going to be an original take on the Adidas Original Samba silhouette soccer sneaker. This edition will cover the sneaker in premium suede and tonal grey with subtle detailing.

Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup trophy travel case

Ever dreamed of owning your own version of the World Cup Trophy? Well, Louis Vuitton is giving you that chance. The geniuses at Vuitton’s luggage department have created a special piece of memorabilia. This is a travel case that is made specifically to carry the World Cup Trophy. The traveling case feature chromed out trimming with leather-padded and cushioned interior. The case opens on both sides to show off the class Vuitton monogramming. This is the way to carry this trophy and other prized possessions. Of course, this is going to be thousands of dollars. But you only live once when it comes to the World Cup.
The costs for these items range from $100s and end in the $1000s. But when a tournament occurs every four years the money will be no object. These editions will not be available after the tournament is over and there’s a chance they will sell quickly. So make sure to get on the Adidas and Louis Vuitton sites as soon as possible.

Image credit: The Source Magazine [Louis Vuitton]

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