Podcasts started out as a small niche platform. These shows are modern-day radio programs that adapted their offering to suit the taste of different internet users. They provide a huge variety of content, ranging from music through entrepreneurship to even in-depth analyses of Harry Potter. With their accessibility and unique programs, it is no wonder that podcasts blew up over the years. More and more creators jumped on the bandwagon, and people gained curiosity and ended up as regular listeners.

With thousands of podcasts available on the internet, it’s now hard to choose where to start and find ones that are really worth listening to. To help you out, we have listed down 5 podcasts that are perfect if you are looking for ways to kill time. If you’re stuck in traffic, running on the treadmill, or just doing small chores, these shows can easily keep you company.

5 Podcasts That Will Get You Through the Day

For the comic fans – Wolverine: The Long Night

Marvel has included a new realm to its universe and produced a fiction podcast based on one of our favorite mutants, Wolverine. While there had been a lot of doubt that they could pull this together, Marvel, along with Stitcher, created a gripping and exciting show, embracing the opportunities of podcast and pushing the limitations of storytelling. The story can still be improved but Marvel’s first shot at this platform is promising. We can’t wait for more.

For creatives – The Ground Up Show

Filmmaker and YouTuber Matt D’Avella created the weekly podcast called “The Ground Up Show,” which focuses on interviews with different people from the creative field. Ranging from comedians to rappers to fellow online creators, D’Avella has successfully created an entertaining yet inspirational podcast for people who want to make things happen.

For documentary fanatics – Serial

Started in 2014, Serial has become one of the most popular podcasts out there — and for good reason. Serial takes investigative journalism to another level, researching and exploring a central story for a whole season. These non-fiction stories are told through episodes, interspersed with intense research and revealing details. So far, the people behind it have produced three seasons, all exploring different topics but offering the same vigor and intense investigative journalism feats. Definitely a podcast gem that you won’t regret listening to.

5 Podcasts That Will Get You Through the Day

For the lovers of words – The Allusionist

Award-winning host Helen Zaltzman dives deep into the English language, dissecting some of the most perplexing and odd details. It’s a fun and informational show, shedding light on why we say the things the way we do. From jargons to slangs and expressions, there is a lot to learn from this podcast. It’s also a great way to start conversations, don’t you think?

For those who want inspiration – TED Radio Hour

The people behind the popular media organization TED brings their stories and ideas to another format, a podcast. TED Radio Hour focuses on exploring captivating and innovative ideas and turning them into easy-to-consume content, ready for all the world to hear. The hosts discuss a variety of topics which are mostly based on talks given by speakers, making each episode fresh and interesting.  It’s such a delight to listen to.