There are always essential things that men need over time. Some of these needs differ from man to man, but there are still some specific needs that are common and specific to every man.

Also, these needs change from year to year. As our society is constantly changing and adapting, we also have to adapt. There are items and things that are intertwined in a man’s life either daily, weekly, occasionally, and so on, which are indispensable. Below are 7 things Every man needs in 2017:


There are some tools no man should be without. Fixing broken things is an important part of a man’s life. Examples of these tools include: battery powered drill, planer, different types of saws, router, and so on.

Give whatever is broken your best shot with these tools first, even if you have to ask for professional help later. Also, a man would want to build and carry out projects
around the home. These tools help with just about any job.

Understanding safety gears, the use of the tools and their potential danger is very important in enjoying a fun and advantageous use of power tools.


Having a cash stash is an important thing as a man in 2017. Nobody wants to think that anything negative or damaging can happen to them, their families or their properties, but we know that it can happen as long as you’re human.

Besides retirement, having a financial cushion can save you when an unexpected expense pops up, like a car accident or a natural disaster. The truth is, the rate at which these incidents occur is on the rise.

Keeping a cash stash gives you peace of mind for financial emergencies and leaves you rest assured that if anything happens, you have cash to fall back on.


Having exercise equipments in your home has numerous advantages. Easy home exercise equipments include: dumbbells, kettlebell, exercise bell, and so on. There is motivation to stay fit as a man when you have these close by. This encourages you to build good health physically through exercising.

This helps you get stronger and fit with some level of stability right at the comfort of your home. It makes it easier to squeeze in some time to workout even with the hectic schedules of today’s society.


Having a quality suit in your wardrobe is an essential. It is not just constantly stylish, it also aids you feel confident.

A great smart suit even helps you save some cash. You get to avoid renting suit every time you need to go to formal and special occasions, it also saves you from the bother that comes with this.


With a passport, you will always have the chance to travel anywhere, provided you can get ready in time!

As a man, your passport is a gateway to go through with opportunities to travel for work or for pleasure. You can use your passport for identification, you can also use it to purchase some things. It is very important as a man in this age to have your travel documents in order, and a passport is an important part of this.

It can even be used for checking out adoption options in different countries, as well as or family emergencies that involves international travels.


As a man, in 2017, you just need to have a book collection. Books increase your level of knowledge. Reading upgrades your mind, you get to be current about events happening in your environment. You get to find out new and helpful things.

When you read, you know what’s happening in your field of interest or your career. It can help you broaden and improve your skills. You can also branch out to other fields and gain general knowledge. No knowledge is wasted.


Notepads and pocket journals are indispensable for jotting down ideas, information, places to revisit, or facts to check up on at a later time.

It is important to write things down as a man. Your mind cannot always store all the necessary information it needs to remember. You notepad is your backup.

These 7 things are very important to every man in the society today. They are a part of everyday lives and they help to ease a man’s life in numerous ways.

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