Each individual stands and walks in a specific way, thanks to their personality, fitness level, and health status. How you walk and stand can reveal a lot about your lifestyle to someone who knows how to read the subtle sings given away by your body. Weak or tight muscles, imbalances and much more can all be “read” in your posture by a body movement expert.

The moment you walk into your chiropractor’s office they know if you are in pain, what you do for a living and many more details. How they do it? They can tell from your posture. Each type of pain leads to a certain position, as well as each type of job. Here are some of the things your chiropractor is going to know just by looking at you.

You are a Smartphone addict

Your chiropractor can diagnose a text neck in mere seconds. Text neck is the name given by doctors and therapists to specific pose used when you are texting. The patient’s spine is going to achieve a rounded position, from their neck all the way to their shoulders.

The medical name for this condition is a loss of cervical lordosis. When we look down at the phone we are actually forcing the spine to bend against its natural curve. The same thing happens when we look down at the laptop. The same condition is present in victims of car accidents. This faulty pose can lead to migraines, neck pain, and arthritis.

Gents, if you want to be healthy quit texting or at least try to keep your head as high as possible.

You have a sedentary job

Simply by assessing your position, a chiropractor can tell if you spend your day in front of the computer, seated on an office chair. The human body was not designed to sit for a long day, so when we force it into a sitting position the muscles alter your position so you will be keeping your hips forward. Exercising and yoga can help you strengthen your position, as well as walking, so each time you have the opportunity to walk, do it.

You have digestive problems

The faulty positions described earlier can also affect your digestive system, because your organs are compressed in an unnatural position. This makes you prone to GERD, as well as other types of digestive problems. Our muscles are designed to promote a good blood flow when they are in use, so you need to maintain a straight pose to get rid of digestive issues and improve your mobility.

You sleep in a certain position

Depending on how you sleep, your body is going to achieve a specific position. The best sleeping position is on the back, without a pillow. This ensures your spine is straight and you will have a good night’s sleep. However, many people sleep on their stomach, especially men.

This puts your spine into a faulty position, promoting lower back pain. Another side effect of sleeping on the belly is neck pain, because you tend to keep your head turned to one side. If you are one of the belly sleepers you can go to sleep on a side and hug a pillow to prevent you from turning on your belly.

You can’t breathe properly

Your breathing regulates all the important functions in the body, from your heart rate to your blood pressure and digestion. A hunched position prevents you from breathing normally and reduces the amount of oxygen you receive by up to 30%. This makes your body function at reduced rates, which can lead to constipation, short breath, fatigue, headaches, and insomnia.

You are always carrying something heavy

When you carry something heavy on your shoulder, your body tends to keep that shoulder higher. This can lead to a visible imbalance and an abnormal spine curve. To make sure your shoulders are at the even level switch the bag you carry from one shoulder to another or opt for a backpack which can be placed on both shoulders.

You are depressed

When you are depressed your pose is altered. Your emotions control your posture, so when you are feeling low you tend to avoid eye contact by keeping your head down. Your shoulders get into a rounded shape and you might suffer from balance issues.

To help you get into a positive mood you can adopt a royal pose by keeping your head up, spine straight and your look ahead of you. This can trick your mind into believing your mood is up, so you will actually feel better about yourself.

Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

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