There are plenty of lifestyle coaches and motivational speakers who have developed their own approaches to helping others achieve their goals. So, which is the best method to achieve one’s goals? Every person’s goal has its own necessities, methods, and steps needed to realize the goal.

Below are a few suggestions.

Write Down Your Goals

In his book titled How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, Alan Lakein argues that planning ought to be conceived of as not thinking, but writing. So, this would entail writing down your goals.

Writing down your goals in a notebook or on a sheet of paper would ensure their solidification. Sometimes we tend to think about our goals and fantasize about them, but writing down goals is a good way to make them clear so that it would be easier to achieve them.

When writing down goals, you may want to think about the goals you have for today, or this week, or month. You may want to write about what you want to have done five years from now, or what you expect from life. These may be career goals or goals in relation to your social or spiritual life.

Another benefit of writing down your goals would be to save them. This way, one or two days later, or however long later, you could always come back to the notebook or sheet of paper and consult the objectives you have written down.


Now that you have written down your goals, you must create steps so as to achieve them. This must involve specific activities, unlike the general, abstract goals that you have written down.

So, if you wrote down, “Open a restaurant,” then you might want to write down specific steps that could get you to open this restaurant. You might want to take a management course, or read about entrepreneurship, or owning a business. There is a multitude of options, and you would have to decide here the possible routes to accomplishing this goal.

Let’s say that you’ve written down five different activities that would help achieve the goal. You may want to write down a specific order going about these steps. Is there a chronological sequence to be found in these steps?

For example, if you wrote down for traveling that you would like to purchase a copy of a travel magazine and learn a new language, the former would obviously be ideally the first activity to do. Once you have decided which city and country to travel to, then you can focus on learning that region’s language.

Break Your Goals Down

There are monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals, but let’s say that you only achieved three out of the five goals that you’ve written down for today. Well, that’s a good thing, because that’s better than accomplishing nothing.

What if you find that you are finding it difficult to realize a certain goal, let’s say, making a thousand dollars in sales in one week and reading a book? What if you only made five hundred dollars and didn’t even pick up the book?

Sometimes big goals can be daunting. Sometimes we don’t accomplish the big goals we draft for ourselves because the ideal state we’ve created for ourselves is larger than the work that the combination of our morale and experience produced.

Therefore, it can be helpful to start with smaller goals. With work and experience and faith in oneself, those goals can naturally increase over time.

So, you can change the goal to making six hundred dollars in sales in that week and reading a quarter of the book. Perhaps it would be helpful to read tips on making sales. You could also leave the book for the weekend, or whenever you have more time.

If you don’t achieve those smaller goals, then fine, you can try harder. If you do achieve them, then even better. The knowledge that you have accomplished them can boost one’s self-esteem. Now you can reach even higher for next week, and plan to make seven hundred dollars in sales. Eventually, you’ll make a thousand dollars a week, and read that book too.


Writing down your goals can make it clear what you want to accomplish. You can then develop plans on how to achieve them, and break them up into smaller activities so that they can be more achievable. Of course, these are all only recommendations on how to accomplish your goals.

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