As the scorching sun beats down on your garden or the icy frost settles in, most plants cower in fear, but not Sedum plant. These tough succulents are designed to thrive in even the harshest weather conditions, making them an ideal addition to any garden. So, if you’re looking for a plant that can withstand both heat and cold while still looking stunning, you found the perfect list.

Look no further than these 8 resilient Sedum plants

1. Dragon’s Blood 

Don’t be tricked by its name; the Dragon’s Blood Sedum is actually a lovely, low-growing sedum plant with deep red foliage and bright pink or red flowers. It’s also one of the toughest plants around, with the ability to withstand drought, extreme heat, and even poor soil.

2. Ice Plant

ice plant
Photo by: NC State Extension

This Sedum plant is a show stopper in any garden, with its thick, succulent leaves and stunning clusters of pink or white flowers. It can thrive in extreme temperatures, making it an excellent choice for gardens that experience both scorching heat and extreme cold. The Ice Plant is a striking and resilient plant that will definitely turn heads in your garden.

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3. Spanish Stonecrop 

This is also a low-growing Sedum plant with small, blue-green leaves and delicate pink or white flowers. It’s a tough plant that can withstand both heat and cold, making it an excellent choice for rock gardens and other dry, sunny areas.

4. Blue Spruce Stonecrop

Blue Spruce Stonecrop, also known as Sedum reflexum, is a hardy and visually appealing Sedum plant that is ideal for rock gardens and dry, sunny areas. With blue-gray foliage that resembles a spruce tree and bright yellow flowers in summer, this low-maintenance plant is a must-have for any garden enthusiast looking for a unique and standout addition to their landscape.

5. Russian Stonecrop

russian stonecrop
Photo by: Epic Gardening

Russian Stonecrop, also known as Sedum kamtschaticum, is a hardy plant that can thrive in poor soil and high temperatures. It makes an excellent groundcover for difficult garden spots thanks to its small, fleshy leaves and yellow flowers. Because of its adaptability and resiliency, it is an excellent choice for any gardener looking for a reliable and low-maintenance plant.

6. Angelina Stonecrop

This true stunner will never go missing on the list. Angelina Stonecrip has bright yellow-green foliage that turns a fiery orange in cold weather. This Sedum produces yellow flowers in summer and is a great choice for borders, rock gardens, and containers.

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7. Wild Stonecrop

Wild Stonecrop, scientifically known as Sedum ternatum, is a charming groundcover with tiny succulent leaves and clusters of delicate white flowers that thrives in shady areas. Despite its delicate appearance, it is a tough plant that can withstand temperature changes with ease, making it a versatile and visually appealing addition to any garden.

8. Autumn Joy Stonecrop

Last but not least, the ‘Autumn Joy’ Stonecrop is a popular Sedum variety that blooms in late summer or early fall with large clusters of pink flowers. This Sedum is not only beautiful, but its flowers are also appealing to butterflies and other pollinators. 

Sedum plants are a gardener’s dream because they require little maintenance. Just make sure they have well-draining soil and plenty of sunlight, though some varieties can withstand partial shade. Since they are succulents, they can tolerate dry conditions without needing to be watered frequently. In short, Sedums are the way to go if you want gorgeous plants that won’t stress you out.