Are you looking to bulk up and strengthen your triceps? We have 1 word for you, dip. Not the kind with chips and a dip. That’s right, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a gym membership or gym equipment. The dip or the power dip or the power tower dip is one of the most versatile exercises that engage your triceps, chest, core, shoulders, and more given that this exercise has different variations.

So, if you want to blast your triceps, here are some tips.

Variations of dips

There are different types or variations of this workout that can target different muscles or parts of the body. The standard one is the usual power dip with the up and down body motion while the entire body is elevated by using a tower dip station.

Bench dips

Definitely the easiest of the variations. The bench dip is a power dip done using a bench or a chair. To do this workout, your feet and legs must be planted on the ground at a 90-degree angle. Next, place your hands on the edge of the bench and make sure that your palm is firmly placed with your fingers pointing away. Once you feel comfortable, start to lift yourself up by pushing through your palms.

Leg raise dips (perfect for building triceps and strengthening core)

This variation are just like the standard dip but with a twist. When pushing up, bring your legs forward and extend them. When you go back down, bring them back. This variation will put your shoulders, triceps, and core to the test.

Weighted dips

This is an advanced variation of the dip and not for beginners. As the name suggests it is a power dip but with added weight. Most people put on a dip belt with a dumbbell hooked to it. This makes it harder to pull up.

All 3 variations are ideal for building triceps and other muscles. It is important to execute each dip using the right technique. Failing to do so might result in injury.

Tips for dips

Slow down, take your time

When doing dips, don’t rush yourself, especially if you are a beginner. Rushing might lead to injuries. Take your time and feel the burn with every push. If you are starting to get the hang of it, you can speed up a little but make sure to keep your form solid and never arch your back and shrug your shoulders.

Practice with push-ups

Build Massive Triceps with Dips

Photo by Sam Owoyemi on Unsplash

Just like dips, push-ups target different parts of the body and have many variations. If you are struggling when doing a dip, build your strength with push-ups. As the name suggests, push-ups improve your push power so when it’s time to do a dip, you’ll have the strength to do so.

Don’t stick to one variation

There is nothing wrong with doing the usual power dip over and over. However, there is always room for improvement. So, make sure to execute different variations of this exercise to target different or specific parts of the body. If you want to build your chest and shoulders, there are variations for those as well.

Incorporating dips in your daily workout will help you strengthen and build your triceps. Many people use it as a warm-up or pre-warm-up exercise to get the body going. All you need is something that can help you elevate yourself and go for it. Don’t rely on exercise alone. If you want to bulk-up efficiently, you must also consider a healthier diet. When it comes to working out for a fitter body, be mindful of your exercise and diet.