In September of last year, a lot of people were excited and eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming Apple Watch. Touted as the best Apple Watch to date, it came with a plethora of features geared towards health and wellness.

Boasting a larger screen, as well as more accurate health trackers, it really changed the way people looked at their smartwatches. It’s even capable of taking an ECG to measure your heart health and features a glucose monitoring kit for people with diabetes.

However, let’s try and think about the future of the Apple Watch. How can Apple take its smartwatch to the next level? Will it be able to top the fourth iteration of its smartwatch? Let’s find out.

What can an upcoming Apple Watch 5 do?

With a plethora of features, the Apple Watch 4 has been called the best Apple Watch to date.

It can change the way people think about their health

More and more people are concerned about their health, and rightfully so. We’re hoping to see more apps and features geared towards improving health and wellness. A good example would be the ability to give you specialized recommendations in terms of exercises and diet.

Since the Apple Watch can already track the state of your fitness, providing good health advice shouldn’t be too far-fetched if you think about it.

Another feature we’d like to see is enhanced sleep tracking. The current Apple Watch does it pretty well, but there are a lot of things that Apple can do in order to improve the app’s accuracy. Getting enough sleep is crucial to your health, and Apple will do well to enhance its sleep monitoring software.

It can fit seamlessly with your lifestyle

The Apple Watch can sometimes feel a bit intrusive, especially since it’s thicker than other smartwatches out there. Having the feel of a regular watch can really make the device fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.

That’s why another upgrade that we’d like to see from Apple is a much thinner design. Granted, the Apple Watch 4 isn’t as bulky as its predecessor, but it’s still pretty hefty for something that you’d put on your wrist.

Enhanced battery life will also be a welcome change. After all, if you’re an active person who’s always outdoors, it can be annoying to keep charging your watch or to have to carry a specialized power bank just for that purpose.

Better integration with other devices will also be a welcome change. Imagine using your Apple Watch to turn on the smart lights in your home or open your garage door.

It’s going to have better app support

We imagine the Apple Watch 5 to have better app support compared to its predecessors.

Better app support would be a much-needed change for an upcoming Apple Watch. With the developers of Instagram and Slack dropping support for the Apple Watch, it’d be a good idea for Apple to look into getting back developer support for these popular apps.

YouTube playback would also be a good idea, as well as the option to have an always-on screen, which other smartwatches have.

It’s going to be quite a while before the next Apple Watch comes out. And once it does, we’re not expecting drastic changes. That’s because Apple has a habit of sticking to what works and not being too adventurous with their devices.

Hopefully, we get to see some of these features implemented on an upcoming Apple Watch. But we’re sure that it’s going to be another success for Apple.