Dating and relationships can be tricky. We all want to make a nice impression on our partners, but there are moments when the things that we do just leave a bad taste in their mouth. Instead of making them feel interested or happy, we end up killing our dating game, leaving us with nothing but a lost opportunity.

Dating is a test of compatibility, but it’s also a test of someone’s personality. While there are things that we can’t control, there are also things that are meant to be consciously avoided. We have listed down some tried-and-tested dating advice that can help you keep things alive (and hopefully you can nurture it into something else soon).

Our dating advice to avoid dating game killers? Learn how to communicate

Don’t be a creep

There are a few things that some men do that they think aren’t creepy but are just big red flags from others’ perspective. Being a creep means minding your partner’s personal space and making moves just because you thought “it’s okay.” Women are protective of themselves and it is always best to just always be respectful and ask for consent whenever necessary.

Not being a creep, meanwhile, means not trying to stalk her every time she’s out or trying to know her every move. Sure, you are just curious or protective of her, but these things can be too much especially if you’re just starting to date.

Learn to listen

There’s a reason why many relationship gurus give importance to communication. Dating is all about giving and doing things at the half-way point. It’s about finding compromise whenever necessary. If you really want your date to work out, make sure that you know how to listen to your partner and try to really understand what she is saying.

Avoid talking about past relationships

You may be dating because you want to move on from your ex, but that doesn’t mean that you have to share details of your past every chance that you get. Talking a lot about past relationships is a red flag that means you’re still hung up on your previous partner. You don’t really want them to tell you stories about their exes as well, right?

Pro tip dating advice: Be present in the moment and enjoy your partner's company

Be present when you’re together

We know that your smartphone lets you stay connected wherever you go, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay online even when you are on a date. Give your partner the attention she deserves and let her feel that you are present at the moment. You don’t have to check your feed or follow through on the news when you are out. If possible, unplug for a bit and just enjoy your quality time together. We promise it will pay off.

Don’t make up stories

Here’s the thing, some people think that it’s okay to make up stories to impress their partner. The reality is that it’s a big no-no when it comes to dating. Because, really, if you lie about something during the first few times that you are together, what more would you lie about once you’re together for a longer time? Show who you really are and just be real. You got this.