Balding is more common in men than in women. It’s even more common once you turn a certain age. Here are tips on how to prevent it and more.

If you’re finding hair on your pillow, and you’re afraid it might not be your dog’s fur, it might be signs of balding in men.

According to studies, 25% of men who have male pattern baldness in their genes start losing hair before the age of 21. 66% of men will experience a type of hair loss by the age of 35. And lastly, by the age of 50, about 85% of men will have significantly thinner hair.

Regardless whether you’re experiencing baldness too soon or at an appropriate age, you might have a hard time going through it. Luckily, Active Man is here to help you either prevent it or deal with it.

Why am I balding?

There are many reasons why you may experience balding. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

Do you identify with one of the reasons listed above? You might want to consult a hair expert or doctor first if your health is affected as balding may not be your main concern.

Dealing with balding is simple; start by having the right attitude.There are a lot of ways to prevent balding, from stress management, surgeries, and even medication. Active Man is here to list down certain ways on how to stop hair loss.


Scalp Massages

One of the best ingredients for a healthy scalp is aloe vera. You stimulate hair growth whenever you massage your scalp. Try to do a 5-10 minute massage every day during showers. It also helps if your shampoo has a treatment that promotes a healthier scalp. 

Stop Smoking

Old research suggests that smoking is related to hair loss. Of course, quitting a learned habit is not that easy, no matter how unhealthy it is. Start by minimizing your smoking intake until you get used to the absence of cigarettes. This is a steady and slow process, you don’t have to quit cold turkey.

Stress Management

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, it reflects in your head. Try to take yoga classes, meditate, or talk to a close friend – anything that helps you take the stress away can help you prevent baldness.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Aside from quitting whatever unhealthy habits you have, make sure you exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet. Your current lifestyle may also be a reason for stress or balding. Change what you can and manage what you can’t.

Switch Medication

Your medications may have side effects such as hair loss. Be sure to ask your doctor for other alternatives and options that may be better for you.

Hair Transplants

If you really want to have a thick set of hair on your scalp, consider hair transplants. It may be one of the more expensive treatments for hair loss, but it does promise a permanent result.

5 Effective Remedies to Prevent Balding That You Definitely Should Try!

Let It Go

This may be hard to hear (or read), but sometimes hair does fall; lack of hair does not make you any less of a handsome man. When all is said and done, maybe try the bald look – it might look good on you. Be in the likes of these famous bald men: Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, Tyrese Gibson, and many more!

After all, balding is very common in men. It isn’t a sign of unattractiveness. In fact, learning to be confident with it may make you look and feel even more attractive.

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