Summer is now officially on in many countries around the world. While this season is the perfect time to wear that beach OOTD (short for “Outfit of the Day”, in case you don’t know) and bask in the summer sun, there are times where being outside can ruin your day. You sweat a lot, soaking your back and armpits (hello, body odor!), and experience painful sunburns as well.

The uncomfortable feeling may be the same during the night. In hot and humid nights, people tossed and turned on their beds especially those who have no air conditioners in their rooms.

On the other hand, most people will turn to their ol’ trusty air conditioners to cool off from the scorching heat outside. However, more often than not, frequent use of appliances such as air conditioners can be expensive in terms of electric consumption – aside from the unit itself being quite expensive, of course.

No one wants that feeling of being in a sauna everyday. At the same time, no one wants to have an exorbitant electric bill due to frequent air conditioner usage. What can we do, then? Here are some tips to beat the scorching summer heat without using (or at least minimal usage) of air conditioners:

1. Close your window blinds

While keeping your blinds open can help brighten your room, it can also make heat enter as well due to sunlight. In this case, it is recommended to close your blinds during peak hours around 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Likewise, slightly sheer curtains can also help reduce the heat inside the room, if you don’t have window blinds. At night, you can open your windows or blinds to let the cool outdoor air in.

2. Spritz yourself with cool water to cool down

Fill up a bottle with a fine mist spray with cool or iced water, then spray your skin for instant cooling effect. There are also available water misting fans operated by batteries, which you can bring anywhere you go.

3. Chill a small towel or cloth in the freezer

Take a small towel or a handkerchief, put it in the freezer, and put it on your skin for instant cooling effect. You can wash it after several use and put it back in the freezer. As another option, you can use an ice pack to cool down your skin.

4. Wet your hair

Wetting your hair with cold water can instantly cool your body as well. For better results, wear a bandana soaked in water and wrap it on your head.

5. Have a bath

If wetting your hair is not enough, take some time in a bath tub filled with cool water. If the water eventually warms up again, add cool water again until you feel cold enough once you get out of the tub. As an option, you can take a cool shower, or soak your feet in a container filled with cold water.

6. Better yet , have a swim

Go to a nice beach, swimming pool, lake, river, or any clean and cool body of water and have a nice swim there. You can do night swimming to avoid the scorching sun. If you’re swimming in the day, make sure to wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

7. Make a DIY air conditioner

To do this, you will need a metal bowl filled with salted ice and then put it in front of a fan to blow on the ice. Apparently, the salt helps lower the temperature when the water freezes, thus allowing the ice to be cold for longer.

8. Turn off your appliances when not in use

TV and indoor lights can give off heat, so use if necessary. If not, turn it off. Also, choose LED or compact fluorescent love ights rather than incandescent light bulbs, as the latter gives more heat than the former.

9. Wear light clothing appropriate for warm season

Choose fabrics such as cotton or linen and avoid thick clothing during hot summer. Moreover, choose light-colored fabric (best is white, worst is black) because darker colors tend to absorb more heat. Lighter fabrics, on the other hand, help reflect heat and light.

10. Eat iced treats!

This is the time to enjoy your favorite iced treats such as popsicles and ice cream. You can also make your own by freezing chopped fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, and melons.

Combine some of these ‘cool’ (get it?) tips with some of our other summer-focused recommendations, and you’re sure to kick off the season just right.

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