Demi Rose Mawby is a celebrity that got famous overnight. She is an Instagram model and an influencer that has countless followers and subscribers on her social media handles. She was born on March 27, 1995, in Birmingham. British by nationality, Demi rose to fame for her unbelievable curves and fitness routines.

Even though is only 25 in age, she has gained wide popularity as a fitness model and a healthy lifestyle influencer. She faced a lot of issues regarding body image, self-esteem and even went through an eating disorder in her teen years. She worked hard and focused on her fitness, making it her aim to stay healthy. She has an amazing fitness trainer named Dean DeLandro. She regularly uploads workout videos for her followers.

Demi Rose Mawby’s Top Abs Exercises

Demi Rose works exceptionally hard on her fitness and physique. She follows an extensive high-intensity training program to maintain her curves. Some of Demi’s favorite Ab training exercises are given below. Keep in mind that these exercises are tough, they are hard to follow but once you build up your stamina it will strengthen your core and give you a flat stomach with chiseled abs.

demi rose mawby


We know that planks might not look much, or seem easy to master but don’t let your eyes fool you. Planks are number one when it comes to toning down your abs, and Demi is well aware of this fact. Planks are one of the most difficult exercises especially if you add weights and dreads.

Demi is a pro when it comes to planks and it is one of the most effective exercises which targets glutes and abs and tone them in a matter of weeks.


Another top favorite exercise for Demi which is perfect for strengthening core and abs is crunches. Crunches are generally done to target specific abdominal muscles. Crunches are perfect for highlighting the curves at all the right places. Demi swears that crunches help her make her waistline tighter and makes her abs toned.

To get the maximum benefit from crunches you should make sure to keep the intensity high and never take breaks in your routine. Keep doing the reps and get the Demi-inspired toned abs of your dreams.

Sit Down Rotation

You might not hear much about the magic of seated rotation but Demi is all praises for this particular exercise. Seated rotation targets lower abdominal muscles and gives them a beautiful definition. This exercise may seem hard, and to be honest, it is a bit hard but in the end, it is all worth it.

This exercise will give you a flat stomach and toned abs because Demi swears that it works like a charm.

Demi Rose Mawby’s Top Butt Exercises

Demi is famous for her curves, she is voluptuous in all the right places. Her butt is extremely toned and firm, which is very much in demand right now. Having a large-toned butt is a feature that many girls want to achieve but have no idea how to go about it. Yes, curves are natural, but the right kind of exercise and diet can help you achieve a toned butt like Demi.

demi rose mawby


If you’re conscious about your health and fitness and go to the gym or train even occasionally, you must be familiar with good old squats. Squats are perfect for toning the butt, it gives a definition and shape to your butt. Demi also loves doing squats but she takes it several notches up.

She is following a high-intensity toning routine that includes a pretty tough sequence of squats. She tells that it is extremely important to mix things up every couple of weeks so that your muscles don’t get used to the same thing. She does a mind-blowing combination of side-squats, sumo-stance, narrow-stance and wide-stance squats.


Lunges are a sure-fire way of firming up a butt and Demi agrees with us. She follows a routine of side-lunges and backward and forward lunges. She likes to mix it up with the variations and weights. Lunges tone down the glutes, butt and also target the inner thighs.

Demi Rose became a star over-night due to her curves and a feature that makes her stand out from the crowd is her toned butt.


Demi’s life wasn’t always perfect. She has had her fair share of troubles and bullying in school and high school. She went through depression, eating disorders and self-esteem issues but the great thing is she came out from all that, better than before.

She took charge of her destiny and made it something that is desired by many. She worked hard and still does, which is evident from her social media posts. She uploads her struggles, her workouts, and her diet now and then to inspire people.

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