You’d likely be surprised at the amount of signals you’re sending someone before you even open your mouth to say that first awkward “hello” (or maybe you go with “hi”). Many of it has to do with your style, and how you carry yourself of course, but your accessories say just as much about you, particularly if part of your accessory is on your face at all times.

Ah yes, the all too common spectacles, so fashionable in a “look I’m smart” sort of way, that people wear them even when they don’t need them. A lot like scarves. What you choose to adorn your bespectacled face with says a lot about your personality, something you should consider relatively carefully if you’re a very social individual.

I’ve looked high and low across the web to find a consensus on these styles and what they say to the people we interact with, to help you find it out what it is you want to say, and possibly what it is you’re already saying with your face. Or at least, what’s on your face.

The Colorful Frame


If you dare to put a little color on your face (Anything but black or brown) odds are your sort of an artistic or extroverted type. This is the kind of thing you’re saying when you walk into a room with big blue-framed eyeglasses: “I’ve chosen to look different, so why not ask me all about myself, because I really like talking about myself.”

Even if you aren’t typically the artistic or particularly talkative type, it’s likely that you’re wearing them to shake things up, stepping out of your comfort zone to say new and interesting things about yourself. I have to recommend, however, that you choose a color that goes with either your eyes, hair, or your clothes. Don’t go full Willy Wonka with a bunch of zany color combinations, or soon you won’t be talking to anyone about anything.

The Thick Black Frame


Are you trendy? Maybe a little nerdy? Perhaps you live somewhere in Brooklyn and consider yourself some kind of hipster. The thick black frame covers all of these bases, while still making you look like you take yourself seriously. Studies (yes, actual studies about the shape and color of your glasses that someone was paid to do) that late teens in their late 20s go for the thick black frame. The odds are that if you’re rocking these frames, you’re bold, cast heavy subjective opinions, and are the trendy person in your group.

They tell people “Yes I’m conscious of my looks in these spectacles, but we have more important things to talk about”, and do so with finesse if you’re wearing the right type for your face shape. Never underestimate how important the face-shape to frame-shape relationship is, particularly with black frames. No one wants to look like a doofus.

Aviators for the Adventurous


So you’re the type that likes to go on vacations and bold new locations. You show up to a place where nobody knows your name and hope to say to everyone in the room that you’re either coming from an interesting place or going to a better one shortly. You’re old fashioned but not in a boring way (unless of course, you’re actually boring), but more of a classic, respectable way.

You want people to notice you when you walk in the room and your presence to be felt in some way. Eyewear designer Larisa Ginzburg says “If you’re a fan of the aviator’s frame, chances are you’ve always been a risk taker.” she goes on to say “…Aviators are a staple of people who don’t just talk, but walk the walk.”

Take these examples with you and consider what you’re saying when you walk into a room with some specs on. Fake glasses can be a confidence boost, but don’t get caught being a dumbo with fake glasses. Tortoiseshell glasses are spunky and funky. Big round (think Harry Potter) frames are quirky and will absolutely get you a series of Harry Potter jokes from your friends.


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