Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently revealed that he was actually the Academy’s first choice to host the 2019 Oscars after a fan nominated him as a great pick for the awards night’s host. We agree with this fan – The Rock definitely has everything needed to become the perfect Oscars host.

Unfortunately, production for the “Jumanji” sequel seems to have robbed us of the pleasure of seeing Dwayne Johnson taking the stage and hosting the Oscars. While the Oscars may have given up on looking for an actual host for their event, we’re still holding out hope that somehow, Johnson finds the time in his schedule to take up the Academy’s offer to host the event sometime soon.

If you’re still unconvinced that The Rock is the perfect Oscars host, we have just the breakdown for you. Below are the reasons why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should have been the Oscars 2019 host even if the apocalypse is just over the horizon.

He’s no stranger to the microphone and large crowds

The Rock’s rise to stardom isn’t necessarily because of his action chops and chiseled physique. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is always a pleasure to see on screen because he can command your attention.

The video above is a compilation of some of his best trash-talking speeches which show he’s a cut above any of his contemporaries when it comes to his microphone skills. Johnson will have no problem commanding the same attention in front of an audience filled with Hollywood celebrities.

He always has a good zinger

One of Dwayne Johnson’s best on-screen zingers (Fast and Furious 6 / Universal Pictures)

Johnson’s wrestling background has allowed him to hone the zinger and comeback-making parts of his brain into a sharp implement that can be unleashed without mercy at anytime.

A good example of his quickly thought-out comebacks is the scene in “Fast & Furious 6” which results in Ludacris authentically doing a spit take after Johnson’s improvised comeback at Tyres. Johnson’s zinger-making skills will be important in keeping the excited Oscars crowd in check, which definitely makes him the perfect man for the job.

He can bounce anyone who tries to grab an Oscar from the deserving winner

Dwayne Johnson is 6 feet 5 inches tall, weighs around 260 pounds, and started his career throwing equally large men and women around a wrestling ring. While Johnson has shown a more amiable nature ever since he started his celebrity career outside the wrestling ring, he’s still 260 pounds of agile muscle that can take out any troublemakers.

If anyone plans on doing a Kanye for the movie industry award, Johnson will easily be within arm’s reach to put them back in their seat. Anyone who thinks they can get the same air time as Kanye did at the VMAs might just end up on the receiving end of “The Rock Bottom.”

He can laugh at himself

He may be The Rock – wrestling star and action movie hero extraordinaire – but Dwayne Johnson is a man who has shown countless times that he’s not above laughing at himself. Definitely a trait you need to be a crowd-pleaser.

On his own Twitter profile, Johnson has posted some particularly self-deprecating images of himself for the pleasure of his fans. The way Johnson is able to quickly change from a ripped fitness influencer to one of the most adorkable friendly giants is exactly the reason why the crowd will love him as an Oscars host.

He’s dedicated

Dwayne Johnson and Mick Foley duke it out to an empty arena (Video Credits: World Wrestling Entertainment)

Back in 1999, the WWE had the arguably bright idea of airing a fight between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mick Foley’s “Mankind” character in the middle of the Super Bowl half-time. Both wrestlers fought for the WWF Championship title with passion regardless of the fact that the arena they were fighting in was empty.

The Rock and Mankind’s match-up is just one of the definite proofs that Johnson is wholly dedicated to any task that he sets his mind to – a trait an Oscars host will need in case the awards night suddenly goes wild for some reason. While this may be the exact reason why Johnson is sitting out the Oscars due to his commitments with “Jumanji,” it’s even more of a reason why we want him taking the night away to talk about the best films of the past year.