Vaporizers, also known as “vape”, have become one of the most popular innovations for patients who use cannabis for their medical conditions. These products are designed to conveniently provide relief from certain symptoms and sometimes serious ailments. Among the brands in the market, Pax Vaporizers is one of the most sought-after products, because of its sleek, stylish and modest design. It was engineered to deliver the best vaping experience in a handy and durable unit.

How Do Pax Era, Pax2 and Pax 3 Differ?

The first unit took the UK by storm, and then they released Pax 2 and Pax 3 versions. If you are interested in getting your own Pax vape, here are some points that can help you decide if you should get the original version or upgrade to higher versions.

  • Pax Era is designed for effortless vaping of cannabis oils. It has control features for temperature, flavor, and potency making it possible for you to enjoy your vaping experience.
  • Pax 2 is an innovation of Pax Era. It is best used for dry herb vaping. Also, it has a powerful and efficient battery so you can enjoy your vape for longer periods of time. It is easy to use and also low profile like Pax Era.
  • Pax 3 is designed for both dry herb and extract. This upgrades your vaping experience because of its flexibility. It offers state of the art heating technology with extended battery life and an oven which is twice as powerful. This is also Bluetooth enabled, making possible to adjust and control using your phone.

Pax Era comes only with the unit itself, while Pax 2 and 3 comes with accessories making it more enjoyable to use. These three are user-friendly and heats up quite fast.

Pax Vaporizers offers ultimate vaping experience with a satisfying hit every time. It gives an instant draw from a self-set temperature and potency setting. You can also decide and switch the intensity of the flavor. This way, you can control the effects as you feel the symptoms die down.

Durable and Sophisticated Design

This brand has sold over a million units in ten years. The Pax series is made of premium scratch free aluminum making it super durable. This is also portable and easy to stow in your pocket. It releases optimum flavor with very low odor for discreet vaping. Some patients are quite conscious of taking their medical cannabis, especially in public. But, these vaporizers have set these worries to rest.

The Pax series have sleek and sophisticated designs that break all stereotype. It even comes with powerful and long-lasting batteries so you can get treatment anytime, anywhere. You will definitely appreciate the experience of a relax and discreet vaping. It also has a Pax mobile app you can download. This can help you customize your vaping experience.

These Pax Vaporizers are available at very reasonable prices. They come with accessories making your vaping time something to look forward to. For more information about the features of Pax Vaporizers, you can check out their website. You should never have to worry about taking your cannabis medical treatment ever again.