Our liver is one of the most important parts of our body. The liver is responsible for producing protein, bile, and cholesterol. And it also stores essential vitamins and nutrients that are crucial to our body. The liver also aids in breaking down harmful toxins. This includes alcohol, traces of medications and other remnants of metabolic by-products.

We do not realize how much we abuse our liver through our eating habits and lifestyle. For example, the more we consume alcohol on a regular basis, the more our liver’s function slows down. That is why it is important to eat healthier foods and having a healthy and sensible lifestyle. With that said, here are some foods that can help cleanse the liver.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil helps in keeping the liver healthy.

There are several cooking oils available in the market, but olive oil is considered one of the healthiest around. Aside from its health benefits for the heart, it can also do wonders on our liver. According to one study, a teaspoon of olive oil a day can help improve liver enzyme and fat levels. This also lessens fat accumulation and encourage better blood flow in the liver.

2. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish, which include salmon and tuna. These contain omega-3 that is considered healthy fat. Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation and lowers risk of cardiovascular disease. Likewise, omega-3 in fatty fish can help your liver health as well. Studies reveal that fatty fish helps prevent fat buildup in the liver. It also maintains normal enzyme levels and improves resistance against insulin.

3. Nuts

7 Foods That Are Great For Your Liver

Nuts contain several nutrients including good fat and antioxidants. Not only can it greatly benefit the heart but it also helps the liver. According to a study, people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) who ate nuts had reportedly improved their liver enzyme levels. Another study also revealed that men who ate a large number of nuts have a lower risk of having NAFLD than those who ate little.

4. Cruciferous Vegetables

These include vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and mustard greens, all of which are known to have high fiber content. One study involving animals revealed that these types of vegetables are found to improve detoxification levels. It is also found to help prevent liver damage.

Such effect proved to remain intact even if the veggies were cooked. These munchy greens are indeed seen as potentially promising for liver health.

5. Coffee

7 Foods That Are Great For Your Liver

A lot of people cannot live without coffee. However, it’s more than just creamy frappe and latte art — coffee can actually be good for your liver health, too. According to some studies, drinking coffee helps prevent liver disease. This also applies even if an individual has liver issues.

Coffee helps lower the risk of having liver cirrhosis as well as the risk of developing liver cancer. It is said that drinking at least three cups of coffee per day can lessen the risk of death among people with chronic liver disease.

6. Green Tea

Americans love their coffee while the Japanese people love their tea. One reason is due to its health benefits including goodness for the liver. According to one Japanese study, drinking 5 to 10 cups of green tea a day helped improve liver health. Likewise, those with NAFLD who drank green tea in a period of 12 weeks reportedly have improved liver enzyme levels and may reduce fat deposits and stress in the liver. Experts recommend drinking at least four cups of green tea have a lower risk of developing liver cancer.

7. Blueberry and Cranberry

7 Foods That Are Great For Your Liver

Both berries contain antioxidants and anthocyanins that provide their distinct hues. They also contain high levels of antioxidants that are linked to several health benefits including liver health. Experts recommend consuming these berries within three to four weeks to help prevent liver damage. Likewise, these berries also helped slow down the development of fibrosis and lesions based on a study conducted in rats.

In summary, our liver is one of the most important parts of our body. This organ plays an important role in keeping toxins away and our body functioning properly. That is why it is only logical to take care of our liver so it can continue working at its optimum.