Given that we are now living in a digital world where all pieces of advice in life are available at the touch of the fingertips, you may think that following these rules equate to a perfect relationship. However, you may find yourself stuck to that point that you are trying too hard to impress the person you like rather than making yourself feel truly happy for your decisions in life.

Relationship rules during your grandmother’s era are different from the rules we have today. Just because your parents did them doesn’t mean you should follow them, too. After all, “the only thing that is constant in this world is change”, right? This also applies to any kind of relationship, including romantic relationships. So, we say disregard these pieces of outdated relationship advice when you hear them.

1. No first kiss on your first date.

Seriously, even a friendly “hello” peck on the cheek or a goodnight kiss? A kiss can tell whether you and the other person have “chemistry” or a “spark” that can lead to a second date. After all, it’s one of the objectives of a “first” date — to proceed towards a next date and more in the future.

Feeling that physical connection can be just as significant as talking about yourself and getting to know your date. It’s up to you whether you go for your first kiss or not — just make sure you are feelin’ it when you do it.


They say you shouldn't kiss on the first date. But that's a piece of outdated relationship advice.

2. Men should pay for your dates.

As long as the guy willingly offers to pay for your dinner on your first date, why not? It’s 2018, and we’re talking about equality here. Gone are the days when women are solely confined in the four corners of the house. When women pay, it means they can handle themselves and their personal relationships. It also indicates independence and drive. After all, you both deserve someone who would match your personality and be able to help you when the need calls for it.

3. Not introducing your love interest to your family and friends unless it is already “serious”.

Even if you have been dating the person less than three times, you can feel free to introduce them to your loved ones because why not? Your loved ones deserve to be updated about what is going on with your life unless you want to live your life as a hermit. Also, they are basically part of your life, so why deprive them of sharing something that makes you happy?

4. Men and women cannot be “just” friends.

Most of us would assume that a guy and a girl who are always together are automatically in a romantic relationship, when there’s a big possibility that they are not. They would even vehemently deny about them being more than a friend and that they are just friends. While a romantic relationship most likely starts from friendships, some male-female friendships stay that way — and that should be respected.


Shun the idea that men should be the only ones to make the first move.

5. Men should make the first move.

Gone are the days of courtship. The idea is truly as simple as letting someone know how you feel and what you want. If a girl likes a guy, she should have the liberty to say so. If the guy gives off a vibe that he’s intimidated by this, well, there are many other fish in the sea.

6. Playing hard to get.

Why hide your feelings if you can show the other person right away? What drives you to play hard to get and send mixed signals? Is it so you can test whether they are also into you? At the end of the day, it is important to stay real to your feelings and what you want in life. Also, the other person may get frustrated if you don’t make your feelings and intentions known and may eventually give up and ignore you altogether.

7. Date only the people who meet your standards.

It’s easy for us to say “yes” to a date with someone whom we find attractive and well-educated. However, setting standards may also limit our chance of meeting someone who has an interesting background. Their interests may help open us up to a new world that is a lot more different than what we may have known.