If you are a fan of updating your wardrobe quickly and cheaply, chances are you shop at fast fashion brands for your outfit fixes. From H&M to Forever 21, there are tons of stores offering the latest trends at incredibly low prices. One of the newest ones is Fashion Nova Men, the men’s line of influencers’ favorite online store, Fashion Nova.

What is Fashion Nova Men?

On June 12 last year, Instagram’s favorite fast fashion brand, Fashion Nova, launched its first-ever men’s collection. It had previously partnered with celebrities and influencers such as Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and tons of Instagram models, and so it’s no wonder it created a buzz even before it launched. Unfortunately, not all were pleased with the initial collection, with the brand receiving mixed reviews of its items’ quality, designs, and overall product line.

The brand promised to offer unique pieces that are in style and on trend, taking advice from what is hyped on social media. Mostly inspired by streetwear, Fashion Nova Men created designs that resemble street favorites like Gucci and Off-White, among many others. While some clothes simply took inspiration from established brands, others looked almost the same as those by competitors, with just slight alterations like text and color. The company also created graphics with a nod to whatever’s happening on social media, even going as far as creating a shirt with the text “MEME LORD” emblazoned on it.

Fashion Nova Men’s Mixed Reviews

Many are not pleased with the brand’s approach, noting that it felt a little “tacky” with too much internet trend-riding. The brand was very much anticipated by many. But with many people’s expectations going through the roof, it’s not a surprise that many felt like they were let down by the initial collection from Fashion Nova. Some even said that they could have bought something else from other brands instead of buying a 50 dollar ripoff-looking top from the website.

Although Fashion Nova Men started rough, hope is still not lost for the company’s future. Following the fast-fashion model with a high turnaround for designs and items, the platform has a lot of chances to recreate and test out other outfit designs every season. It wouldn’t take too long until it finally gets something out that will cater to the taste of its market. Six months since its launch, it has also somehow refined its items with new designs that kinda offer a new perspective on what the brand’s direction is. While there are still some questionable items in its collection, there are a few decent pieces that we won’t really mind getting. Here are some of our top picks:

FASHION NOVA MEN - 80's Color Block Hoodie

80’s Color Block Hoodie

FASHION NOVA MEN - Inflorescence Short Sleeve Polo

Inflorescence Short Sleeve Polo

FASHION NOVA MEN - Drexel Crewneck Sweatshirt

Drexel Crewneck Sweatshirt

Is Fashion Nova Men worth trying?

Overall, we think that Fashion Nova Men has a chance of becoming an Instagram menswear sweetheart. It just needs a lot of time, but it could come around if it takes a different approach in its designs, something that will appeal to the market without looking like a total ripoff.

It depends on how you look at it. For now, we just hope that it brings its A-Game for 2019 and proves that it is worth checking out.