The Golden Globes 2019 had just wrapped up, but not before we zoom in on the style. Hollywood brought their A-game to the red carpet. While others look forward to the list of the winners, most are actually after the stylish outfits of celebrities. Fashion might be dominated by women, but men can also serve killer looks during these types of events.

We know that red carpet events are not for everyone to attend, but chances are, you will end up in a formal event that would require you to wear a suit or just be stylish. Although it’s easier to go with the suit ensemble that you’ve forgotten about in your closet, it’s not a bad idea to explore and try out some new looks. You may not be a celebrity and you may not be willing to pay thousands of dollars for your outfit, but you can definitely get a tip or two from some of Golden Globes 2019’s best-dressed men.

Always find a well-fitting suit

Okay, we all know that the first rule of suits is finding one that would fit you well. Having your outfit fall right onto your shoulders and hug your body perfectly would make you look extra sophisticated and put together.

Take a look at John Krasinski in Brunello Cuccinelli. The suit fits him perfectly, accentuating his features, and making him look sleek. Other favorite looks of ours would be Ricky Martin’s and Richard Madden’s.

Minimalist ensemble

Want a minimalist-looking attire for your event? You can always choose one tone with one or two colors to create your ensemble for the night. Take a look at Mario Lopez and Bo Burnham. Want to give a little break to your rather monotonous hues? Try mixing your one-tone ensemble with an eye-popping color like how Bradley Cooper did his.

Don’t shy away from patterns

Patterns may not be a usual part of a suit, but wearing one can create a bold statement. If used correctly, patterns can make you look more fashion-forward and help you stand out from the crowd. A perfect example would be Golden Globe winner Darren Criss’ Dior suit. The floral pattern just makes it look fresh and stylish. If you want a more subtle look, you can go for Dave Franco’s look with a more subtle pattern on his Saint Laurent suit.

Put an accent

Suits are nice on their own, but you can always add a little personality with accent brooches or accessories. Aside from the usual cufflinks, you can also put in something shiny like how Stephan James and Michael B. Jordan did on their suits.

Experiment with accessories

Want to bring your outfit to a whole new level? Get creative and add accessories. You can go avant-garde like Timothee Chamalet and get something like his embellished Louis Vuitton holster. Or you can be more subtle yet equally daring like Mahershala Ali with his detailed scarf. These kinds of accessories are often overlooked, but really, they help bring in more personality and create a different feel for your outfit.