Whether you’ve already gone to one several times in the past or just about to have your first ever official one, going on your first date can be nerve-wracking. Getting time to spend with someone you are initially attracted to can be a mix of excitement and nervousness. For one, it is the chance for you to impress. It is also an opportunity to bond and get to know each other more.

While first dates can be a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone, one thing is for sure: you would not want that first date to be the last. After all, many men, which may include you, have searched far and wide to find the ideal woman whom you may probably spend the rest of your life with.

While personality wins any day, it is also important to consider the way you dress up. There are so many fashionable items and options you can choose from, but not all of them may be suitable for a first date. Many men have made that mistake of making themselves look like a fool rather than a woman’s dream man.

If you don’t want to be one of those men, here are some style blunders you should avoid — unless you want that first date to be your last.

An inappropriately designed t-shirt

This includes shirts with printed cartoonish characters, political slogans, sexually motivated wordings, anything with teen-ish prints on it. For one, your date may perceive you as someone who is not serious about her and your time together. Even if you think you are just being yourself, being presentable on your first date should matter more.

Instead of those cringe-worthy shirts, you can still opt to wear a shirt but with more subtle or neutral colors such as blue, white, and the like. Of course, the top you choose still depends on where your first date will be.


Don't even think about going sock-less during your first date.

Not wearing socks

Going sock-less on your first date may give an impression that you have some foot issues. Not exaggerating here, but wearing socks can indicate the hygiene consciousness level of an individual.

Instead of wearing ankle socks or not wearing one at all, choose to wear tube socks. Fashion experts recommend wearing one that matches the same color as your trousers, especially if you want to elongate your silhouette.

Workout/gym outfit

Sure, wearing a workout outfit is comfortable and can give the impression that you are an athletic, health-conscious guy. Your date may feel that you are too relaxed to the point of being unprepared upon seeing you dressed like you just got out of the gym.

Instead of wearing your usual workout clothes, you can change into a smart-looking t-shirt, collared shirt, or a crew neck shirt. Opt for casual shoes such as brown loafers instead of bulky basketball shoes, and avoid open-toed sandals as much as possible.


Wearing sunglasses on the first date is a big no.


Wearing sunglasses can be a normal thing especially if you’re walking under the bright sun. On first dates, however, wearing one means you may be hiding something or quite the snobbish type.

If you still opt to wear your favorite pair, make sure to remove them when you are face-to-face with your date. She will perceive you as a sincere gentleman who likes to have eye contact when talking to her, which is always good for creating a connection.

Too much cologne

Of course, you would like to smell good on your first date, but don’t spritz too much cologne unless you want your date sneezing or cringing throughout your date. According to experts, put cologne that can only be smelled when you are already inches away from each other. Avoid wearing strong ones that can be smelled from afar.  It could be worse if your date abhors that particular scent you are wearing.

If you want to please your date and hope for a second date and more, make sure to follow these tips.