We all need a break sometimes. We want to take a breather from all of the stresses of life whether at work or in personal matters. Even if it is only for a few days or weeks, a holiday or an out-of-town trip away from it all can help clear our mind and let us start anew.

It is important to know the art of packing for a holiday trip. For one, picking the important stuff should be part of your packing plan, making sure you wisely utilize the baggage space you have. After all, who wants to bring overstuffed luggage for a three-day trip?

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Our moms, wives, or girlfriends may often be the ones taking care of packing our holiday baggage. However, it’s a nice thing to be able to do your own packingRead on to know which men’s clothing items in particular should be included in your holiday packing list:

1. Plain white t-shirt

Simplicity is beauty, and that goes for plain white shirts. Don’t underestimate the power and appeal of a good old white t-shirt. It never goes out of style and can be worn regardless of the season. It can also match any style of shorts and trousers. A plain white shirt is a good investment if it is made of high-quality fabric. Of course, it should also be a perfect fit for your body type.

2. Collared button-down shirt

Whether stripes or with flowery prints, a collared button-down shirt is another essential item for your holiday trip. You can wear it unbuttoned with a white tank top or t-shirt underneath it and shorts on a breezy, relaxing morning by the beach. You can also wear it with tailored trousers for an evening of chitchat over drinks. There are collared button-down shirts available in breathable fabric, making it so comfortable to wear, and a wide variety of designs to choose from.

3. Chino shorts

When you’re on the beach, you should also consider bringing a pair of chino shorts in case you are not planning to swim for the day. Choose a pair that can be paired with a simple t-shirt and a more formal shirt.

4. Slacks/trousers

If you are going on a vacation on the beach, bringing slacks or trousers might be the last on your list. However, bringing along one can be a great idea especially for evening activities nearby. In choosing the perfect pair of trousers for this particular trip, heavy denim fabric is a big no-no. Instead, choose one made of lightweight and breathable fabric. Likewise, opt for neutral shades such as khaki green, beige, or navy blue.

5. Shoes

Wearing comfortable footwear during out-of-town trips is a must, and that includes choosing the right pair of shoes. While formal shoes on the beach may be out of the question, you can choose a pair that looks classy yet not too formal. For example, there are men’s footwear made from leather but with trainer soles, which are more comfortable to wear on any occasion.

6. Sandals

This one may be debatable, but bringing a pair of sandals is also an option for holiday trips. They should not be confused with flip-flops and Crocs though, as sandals come in different designs that can add to your personal style. Choose a pair of brown or black leather sandals for a simple yet classic and clean look.

7. Swim shorts/board shorts

Since most probably you are going for a swim at some point in your vacation, it is ideal to bring a good pair or two of swim shorts or board shorts. There are different designs and styles you can choose from. Make sure that the shorts are specifically made for swimming. Some establishments are strict about swim attire, so it is wise to follow their rule.

On a side note, other holiday packing essentials you may also consider include accessories such as a nice pair of sunglasses, sunblock lotion, and toiletries, including shampoo, soap, a shaving kit, a toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume, and other personal products.