Fun fact: our feet have a lot of sweat glands. While sweat doesn’t smell like anything, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria, leaving parts of your body smelling funky at the end of the day. With all the sweat glands in our feet, it is no wonder that this area of our body can sometimes be extra smelly, especially when we’re wearing closed shoes. The moisture that our feet produce is left on our footwear, which then becomes a spot for fungi and bacteria growth.

While we can’t do anything about the number of sweat glands that we have in our foot, the good news is we don’t have to suffer every time we let our feet breathe. There are tons of available products on the market that can help you prevent having to deal with stinky feet. We’ve listed down some of the best items available that you can use to help you stop getting that unpleasant odor every time.


So long stinky feet! Here are some products that could definitely help you to get rid of the odor


Socks (sweat-wicking or copper sole)

More bacteria and sweat are usually accumulated whenever your sweat sticks to the insoles of your shoes — especially when you’re wearing something that’s not as breathable. The best way to work around this issue is to wear socks that can help you keep your feet and shoes drier. There are different technologies available but some of the most common are sweat-wicking socks and copper sole socks, both of which are available in most athletic stores.


One of the most common tricks by athletes is using antiperspirants, not only because they help with managing stink, but also because they can prevent blisters.

Since the moisture from your feet usually comes from sweat, keeping it at bay will also help you with managing the smell.

Foot deodorant spray

We use deodorants on our armpits to help us control the sweat and the smell, so it’s only logical that there are available foot deodorants on the market. They commonly come in sprays that can help you de-stink your feet and shoes in no time.

Here are some foot products to help you get rid of funky smelling feet

Shoe disinfectant

Some of the more problematic footwear are sandals and shoes that you directly wear without any socks. Have a shoe disinfectant to help you out. It usually comes in a spray form. You can easily put this on before wearing your shoes or sandals without having to worry about seeing traces of the product.

Medicated foot powder

Foot powder absorbs moisture and has some deodorant properties that can help you deal with your smelly feet. You can use this by putting some in your shoes before wearing them to keep them dry and help stop bacteria from growing. Most fungi grow through moisture and having dry shoes can definitely prevent them from spreading further.

Alcohol wipes

If you need a quick fix, an alcohol wipe will definitely help you out. Aside from masking the scent, it also helps close your pores and reduce sweating temporarily.