The bachelor’s life has always been portrayed as a fun alternative lifestyle opposite to that of a man pinned down in a relationship. The bachelor lifestyle is apparently the dream of many “taken” men, but how do single men actually feel about the bachelor’s life? Well, the answer to that question is not a “one size fits all” response. It really depends on what TYPE of bachelor you’re talking to.

Different Types of Bachelor Life

There are many different types of bachelors in this crazy world. Some men embrace the bachelor’s life, while others let it consume them, so one man’s experience may be totally different from the next. From the feelings of loneliness to the feeling of pure freedom, men experience just as many emotions with singleness as a single woman.

Bro’s Before… Well, You Know the Rest…

This slogan of putting your best guy friends before the affection of a woman has been a motto of a lot of single men, and it kept a lot of men happily single not having to deal with the work of maintaining a happy relationship… for women, this slogan lets her know that this bachelor is nowhere near ready for anything serious.

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Living life by this motto is usually due to a terrible breakup or because all his friends are single and don’t have any plans of getting tied down any time soon, so he is in a “bromance” with his friends, and it can be pretty hard for a woman to break up this bromance, depending on what type of bachelor he is.

Being Single Isn’t a Bad Thing

According to CNN, if you’re going to be single there’s never been a better time to do so. With over 110 million Americans being single, monogamy is slowly deterring from being the new norm. Men and women now have plenty of opportunities to date and explore the many avenues of dating, sex, and self-esteem.

So, as an ode to the women who are also single a 2017 study published in the Journal of Women’s Health, showed that single women had smaller waists and lower BMI’s than married women… all aspects that would be appealing to any type of bachelor. So as you can see, singledom isn’t that bad.

What Bachelor Do You Identify With Most?

The Successful Bachelor

The successful bachelor is a man who is very goal oriented, confident, and keeps himself looking well-groomed. He’s definitely “eye-candy” to all the ladies in the office and is an all-star at work… your go-to guy that can close a deal with anyone with just a flash of his pearly whites.

The family members of this type of bachelor are puzzled as to why he is single and are constantly nudging him to settle down and will even play matchmaker for him but what they fail to realize is that the successful bachelor is one who is single by choice.

His focus right now is on his career, and while an affectionate counterpart would be nice, he just wouldn’t be able to give all of himself to her at this time in his career. He goes on dates and enjoys time spent with the ladies, but your successful bachelor makes his intentions known up front. Does this sound like you?

The Unhappy Bachelor

The unhappy bachelor is like a damp tissue that’s been all cried out. This type of bachelor has suffered from a breakup and is miserable being single. His friends try to get him out of the house and even introduce him to single women but they just aren’t what he’s looking for. He’s not about the fast life and he’s not about meeting random women.

The unhappy bachelor won’t truly be happy until he’s in another relationship. If this is you, just be patient, the right one will come along but you have to wipe those tears away first.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Bachelor

The happy-go-lucky bachelor is a go with the flow kind of guy. He’s enjoying the single life but he also wouldn’t run away from a relationship either… If he gets in a relationship, great, and if he doesn’t, he’s okay with that too.

This type of bachelor knows that he’s boyfriend material and does little things to appeal to women. He might keep a bottle of wine in his fridge that he knows most women like to drink or he might do little things to keep his bachelor pad clean.

Not to be confused with the “player” type of guy… this type of bachelor just stays ready for whatever. He keeps his place clean just in case he meets someone and invites them over, and a woman with standards is not going to be attracted to a man comfortable living in a nasty house.

The Bachelor of ALL Bachelors (BAB)

This type of bachelor is all about parties, work, and women but more so partying. The BAB has a little bit of all the bachelor types in him. He embodies working hard to play hard and his version of playing hard involves no type of mediocrity.

For example, the bachelor of all bachelors can easily go to Las Vegas with a group of friends and go to 1 OAK night club and get the ultimate bachelor experience with free VIP entry. VIP access is a standard for him because he has a confidence and air to him that exudes top-notch everything.

Tables, bottle service, and partying to music from some of the hottest DJs are a partying standard for this bachelor and in his mind, it’s the only way to party. The slogan for this bachelor would appropriately be “go big or go home.”