We often hear the term “Man of the Hour” when we celebrate someone for a certain accomplishment. All eyes are on them. This doesn’t have to stop after the celebration.

You can be well-regarded for just being a presentable, charming you. You might not admit this but admiration is an important aspect of a man’s life in terms of career, romantic relationships and personal life.

Here are steps to take to keep looking like the man of the hour in your everyday life.

Learn How To Be A Gentleman

Respect begets respect, and this is a value you need to earn. One way to earn it from the people around you is by being a gentleman. A true gentleman is self-aware, mature, courteous, charming and most importantly respectful.

More than your physical appearance, your attitude and the way you handle yourself in the public is what defines your gentleman qualities.

 Always be polite and keep an open mind towards other people. Practice the right posture, gestures, and position when talking to someone to develop an inviting aura. In addition, you need to be genuine whenever you interact.

Manners are a must. A few etiquette tips every man should use include:

  • Holding the door open for others
  • Always be on time
  • Take your hat off indoors
  • Have a firm, but not overly firm, handshake
  • Put your phone down and engage with others

Practice Hygiene & Grooming

It only takes seven seconds for a person to make their first impression. A first impression is a lasting impression. It is especially important when you are meeting a special person like the parents of your partner or your potential client at work. If you want to leave a good impression you need to prepare for it by practicing good hygiene and proper grooming.

A good hygiene routine includes taking showers daily (twice a day for evening outings), trimming your nails, shaving, applying lotion, and cologne. Grooming can be a little tricky. This includes the way you dress and your hairstyle. Try to wear appropriate clothing that fits the occasion you are in.

Your hairstyle should reflect your style. However, not fixing your hair is not a style. You should use a brush or comb and hair product daily. If you don’t, you do not have a style.

Fitness is Key

Rarely, do you see an overweight person and wish you could be them or be with them. Your weight is the first thing someone will notice. You don’t want your first impression to make you seem lazy or unmotivated. Even though that may be the furthest from the truth, it is still the first impression.

If your fitness or appearance of fitness needs some work try:

Taking a spin class

Lifting weights- low weight, high rep will have a huge impact quickly

Swimming regularly

Liposuction or less invasive, cool sculpting

Enhance Your Confidence

Your confidence seals the deal. Confidence is about affirming yourself and having self-esteem. It is about being genuinely comfortable with who you are. Not to compare it with arrogance, which is just bragging. Confidence in yourself makes other people feel confident in you.

 Walk with your head held high. Be able to accept compliments. If someone tells you that you look nice, own it. Say thank you. If you seemed shocked by the compliment you may leave the other person wondering if they were correct. Be yourself, no matter who that is, and own it.