The more you consider the benefits of hygge, the more it seems men should embrace this Danish principle of coziness and comfort. While this trend may seem like the latest temporary fad, this lifestyle can help you live a more balanced and grounded life and have a profound effect on your mental and physical well-being.

Hygge is a Danish concept, rich with meaning and worth. This odd word, pronounced “hoo-gah,” embodies the notion that your life should be filled with coziness, joy, and the simple things to help you better appreciate the moment, yourself, and your loved ones. This mindset can make improve your relationships to help you become a better spouse, father, or brother. It can also decrease anxiety and improve your overall outlook on life.

Whether you’re moving in with your spouse, just looking to make your space reflect a more enriched life, or creating the perfect new space for you and your dog, you can follow some simple guidelines to transform your space into a cozy, relaxing abode.

1. Embrace Pictures of Cherished Moments and Loved Ones to Help Your  Embrace the “Now”

When it comes to home decor, it’s ok to be a bit more sentimental. You love your dog, and that’s ok. Having a smart, stunning wife is something to celebrate! Being more hygge doesn’t mean you need to flood your place with photos. But choosing a few select memories to celebrate your life will help remind you to live it he present and cherish your loved ones.

Try getting some of your old photos reprinted in black and white. Use birch picture frames to add a rustic and masculine touch and bring a natural element to your home. You will find yourself spending time more time looking at these pictures and reflecting on happy memories.

2.  Candles and a Glow to Increase Contentment and Contemplation

Candles are central to the hygge conversation. Denmark uses more candles per person than any other country. So, turn off the lights, light a candle (or five), and enjoy the moment.

Scented candles increase contentment and soften the mood of a room. Having a candle burning can also remind you of the balance of life. Candles alight the senses. Watching a flame dance and listening to soft crackle as it burns can be quite meditative and relaxing.

If you’re not one for candles, you should at least embrace your fireplace. The crackle of a candle doesn’t pale in comparison to the snapping and crackle of a fire. Watching the firewood glow red and ash to black can also be quite relaxing. This is a great way to relax and think over upcoming life decisions while keeping toasty.

3. Cozy up with Some Comfortable Furniture and Throws to Increase Relaxation

As men, we sometimes neglect to soften our homes with throw pillows and comfy blankets for the sofa. Look around your living room. If your sofa is bare and the cushions have crisp, hard edges, consider adding a few soft elements to bring in a homey touch. A knit blanket or ottoman adds a sense of warmth and texture.

A great, soft area rug can bring texture and relaxation into your home, too. Try resting on a fluffy rug and reading a book. You won’t regret it.

4. Keep it Neutral to Keep Your Mind Calm

While most home decor principles encourage a pop a color. This can be too much for your hygge mentality. This technique should actually be easier than some of the other suggestions because men have a tendency to keep their living space more neutral than women and to prefer neutral colors.

While keeping your area neutral will help you feel calmer, it’s also a timeless way to decorate, so you won’t have to change it for a while. A neutral color palette will create a more put-together look and allow you to relax after a long day at work.

5. Create an Hygge Bathroom that Will Allow You to Unwind

While we’re not suggesting that your lavatory become your new man cave, you can add a few details that will allow you to unwind and feel the spa experience while you care for yourself.

Even if you’re not a fan of candles, and you don’t want to clear the candle section of your grocery store, lighting one, two, or three candles and settling into a bath can do wonders for your mental state and your body. Bring a book with you. Don’t be ashamed of adding bubbles, and enjoy a little time for yourself.

6. Decrease Your Clutter to Decrease Stress

Part of clearing your mind means clearing your space. While clutter can be unattractive, it can also demand your attention and absorb light. When you’re getting into that hygge mindset, you want to decrease your junk.

Once you declutter your area you can focus on the items you love most. When friends come over, they won’t be focused on the pile of papers on your coffee table, they’ll be busy admiring the picture of you hiking the Appalachian Trail with your dog or your beautiful black-and-white family photo.

When it comes to your home, make sure it’s a space where you can relax and unwind. Embrace the hygge lifestyle and experience how you will begin feeling like you have more free time to enjoy the activities you love. Light a few candles, declutter, and relax. After a while, you will gain a sense of contentment and live more in-the-moment.  And don’t forget to enjoy some hot chocolate or tea on your next snow day.