Are you fighting more often than before? Have sex less? Alternatively, have you been going out with friends rather than your partner so frequently than ever? Welcome to the club, your honeymoon phase has officially expired.

The honeymoon stage is when a relationship is still fresh and full of romantic excitement. It is a time of knowing each other and doing thrilling things together for the first time. Couples cannot let go of each other’s company. They would travel together, laugh together, have small talks, watch movies, spends significant time on nothing and sleep together. Everything seems perfect. There is happiness, and feelings of being loved, mixed with exuberant experiences. Unfortunately, as incredible as it may be, this lasts only for a short period.

Reality finally dawned on you. Yes, the honeymoon phase is over! However, the end of the honeymoon phase is just the beginning of the real and lasting relationship. After this stage, you can see clearly who your partner is. She is not a perfect human being; neither do other girls out there. Both of you have many differences and incompatibilities, which is normal. In reality, no person in this world will give you an unblemished and perfect relationship.

Spending Quality Time Together

This is a sure fire way to strengthen your marriage. After work or during the weekend, you can go on dates or movies without the kids and other distractions. Some couples schedule a date night to help them unwind and catch up with each other’s lives. A simple walk in the park or jog early morning can clear your mind and appreciate the good things about your partner.

Communication Is The Key To A Happier Relationship.

It is difficult to express feelings and ideas with someone who knows you so well. There is also fear of rejection when expressing one’s self. For a marriage to be successful, both parties should be able to freely communicate issues and problems, so that together solutions can be formulated.

Pick Your Battles

At the early stages of staying together, simple things can light up to a full-blown fight. You need to weigh whether small things and issues are worth the damage and pain that it will give both of you.

Share Simple Gestures Of Appreciation

Your partner may be having a terrible day at work or not feeling well. Telling your significant other how much she means to you or giving her a gift once in awhile will surely lighten up the mood.

Set Realistic Expectations

To be happy with the relationship and survive the end of the honeymoon phase, set realistic expectations. Having high expectations of your partner will only be a burden and put on much strain. If the other person is going in a different direction, it will only bring feelings of anger, frustration, and disappointment.

Looking For Another Person To Love Is Not The Solution
You may be tired of your partner, or probably thinking that other girls are better. Walking away from your marriage might only make things worse. Like you and me, other girls are only human; although they may look good externally, they also have flaws. If there are issues in the relationship, deal with it and work it out together. Divorce is not always the solution.

Good Things Can Happen After The Honeymoon Phase

During this stage, you and your partner are a lot more comfortable with each other, probably more vocal about things you like and dislike. During this time you perfectly know your partner, you are probably used to seeing each other in sweatpants.

As your relationship progress and you have lived up to your worst and best times together, things will be easier. It is not about being compatible or being perfectly the same; it is about sticking together through thick and thin. Also, resolving issues and problems, and working together to improve each other as a person. Yes, there will be lots and lots of walls and disasters, but this will only strengthen the relationship. As you become more mature with your marriage, you will look back at your past and feel proud of the things you have conquered together, and just laugh at your mistakes.

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