Man has conquered oceans and outer space; he has deciphered baffling codes and mysteries of the old. But the age-old question of how to tell if a girl likes you or not still remains partially unconquered. For many of the men folk, this is a topic that is better avoided lest it stirs up a storm.

But what if we tell you there are ways how to instantly tell if a girl likes you or not? As mysterious and enigmatic as they are, when a girl likes someone, she leaves certain clues and indications. Unlike the unabashed nature of men, these clues and signs are deceivingly subtle, which can be discerned only those who are very observant and are willing to pay her the attention she so deserves. 

In this post, we discuss how to tell if a girl likes you. After reading this, don’t be surprised if you finally get together with that girl you have been fancying for the longest time.

Pay attention to her body language.

Women may be perfect at hiding their true feelings and emotions. But there is only so much one can hide in their body language as our bodies are reliant on hormones and chemicals. Watch out for these body indicators:

  • Preening.

You may think that a girl fixing her hair or makeup is very common. But if a certain girl has constantly been adjusting her garments, fixing her already perfect hair, and touching up her makeup around you, it is a sign she is into you. Preening is as primal and real as it gets when it concerns how to tell if a girl likes you.

  • Her touches.

She may not be aware of it, but when a girl likes a guy, she reaches out and touches him on the hands, or perhaps a pat on his shoulder. 

She may also unconsciously stroke her arms or thigh; play with her jewelry, or even her hair. 

  • It’s in her eyes.

Have you caught a girl smilingly looking at you but looked away when you looked? This is a good sign. While some girls get shy when you look, some women also don’t mind holding your gaze. 

Also, watch her pupils when she talks to you. The human eye instinctively dilates when we see something which triggers our interest. So if her pupils dilate while talking to you, you are in for a treat. 

  • She blushes.

A blush occurs when there is extra blood pumped due to excitement. When you say something nice to her, and she blushes, she definitely likes you. Blushing is a phenomenon that is automatic, so there is no way for her to fake it. 

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Along the same lines, when a girl smiles or laughs generously at your not so smart jokes, she is into you. 

Listen to her.

Everyone assumes that women talk all the time. But have you actually paid attention to what your potential love interest might be saying?

  • Her tone of voice.

Women’s voice assumes a higher pitch around a guy who has piqued her interest. Perhaps it is a way to ensure that her voice is rising above all others. But she does it unconsciously, so she may not be aware that her voice has a higher pitch around you. 

  • She asks questions.

Nobody asks questions from someone they don’t want to know better. So when a girl is into a guy, she will instinctively take the lead in the conversation by asking a lot of thought-provoking questions. 

It may be about mundane things such as your school, work, or serious matters. Nonetheless, when a girl asks you questions, you would be foolish not to take the hint. 

  • She talks about her problems.

Now, this might not happen a day or two after you two meet. However, when a girl tells you about a problem she might have, it shows that she likes you and feels comfortable around you. 

And trust us when we say it is the right time for you to swoop in and sweep her off her feet. There is something endearing for a man to rescue a damsel in distress. This is an ancient that works till today and will be around for decades. Because men are problem solvers by nature, finding a solution to her problem is one of the best ways to earn brownie points.

Apart from raising your coolness factor, a man who is ready to help is devastatingly irresistible to women. Most women do not show vulnerable behavior around someone they are not comfortable with. So the next time she talks about a problem, you know what to do. 

Other indications that a girl likes you.

  • She likes to talk about you with her friends
  • Her friends make it a point to leave you two alone
  • She does not hesitate to hang out with you
  • The conversation between you two is effortless despite the fact that you don’t have too many things in common
  • She mirrors your body language when you are together. This can include such things as tilting her head to the same side as yours, smiling, keeping hands on the table, and so on.
  • She is quick to respond to your texts and messages
  • She tags you in things and places that she knows interests you
  • After you hang out exclusively or with friends, she posts the pictures on social media

Final thoughts.

Understanding and learning how to tell if a girl likes you or not can seem like a mammoth challenge. But if you know the tips and what to watch out for, then it may not be impossible.

But, irrespective of how many tips and tricks you know, if you are a contemptuous person full of himself, you will never get a girl to like you. The key is to get the girl of your dreams is to be present in the moment, pay attention to her, and be the best version of yourself when you are with her. No woman can resist that.