For the second year in a row, Kevin Durand has been voted “Sexiest Actor” by Glam Magazine. Some of you may be wondering who is Kevin Durand, while the others most likely voted him in. This being said, if you are into the rugged manly man, you probably wouldn’t argue with this back to back designation. Get the rundown on his most scandalous roles, his diet, and his workout routine that won him this coveted title.

Who is Kevin Durand?

Kevin Durand: Get To Know Glam Magazine's Sexiest Man

Canada’s favorite (and only) villain. Kevin Durand is a charming Canadian actor that has starred in many films. Unfortunately, the position as a lead actor seems to allude to him as he typically plays a supporting character, usually the bad guy.

Movies, TV and Awards

Durand is best known for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) in the character of Fred Dukes, I Am Number Four (2011) playing Mogadorian Commander and Robin Hood (2010) as Little John. 

Muscular Viking portrayed by Durand

Additionally, Kevin Durand has appeared in several television series. Most notably for his performance as Martin Keamy in Lost which earned him a nomination for ‘Best Guest Performance in a Television Series’ from Saturn Awards in 2004. Additional nominations include the Genie Awards, ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role’, for his performance in Citizen Gangster in 2011, and the Leo Awards, ‘Dramatic Series: Best Guest Performance by a Male’, for his role in The Collector in 2004.

The Workout

Viking Workout kevin Durand follows

Kevin Durand has been quoted to follow a “No pain, no gain” mindset, stating that once we push ourselves past comfortable is when we truly grow. This is applied to both his acting career and his workout. In an interview, he candidly shared that he used to be a chubby boy and suffers from much anxiety and depression. Pouring himself into his work and workouts helps him stay out of these places and advocates for exercise as a healthy coping mechanism for many health issues, both mental and physical.

Durand trains 12 months out of the year, truly following his no pain no gain policy. Never divulging too much of his secrets, he states in several interviews that out of the 365 days of the year, he commits 320 to his Viking workout meant for his role as Harbard. What we do know is that it works.

The Diet

As a bodybuilding enthusiast, Durand has been quoted saying he finds diets to be unnatural. Instead, he simply works towards overall health. Matching his diet to his daily routines, he makes sure to eat foods that will sustain long and rigorous workouts.

Food is the gas to your engine, making sure you are properly fueled up is crucial for any healthy lifestyle. Using apps like MyPlate can help you track your intake and set up a diet plan suited for you.

What to Watch to See the Most Chiseled Version of Durand

  1. Vikings
    • If you are into the rugged bad guy, Harbard is the man for you. Dressed head to toe in Viking gear, Durand shows off his body and plays a mysterious wanderer leaving us all wanting to know more.
  2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    • In the role of the Blob, Durand embodies the bulky bodybuilding type. Mostly shirtless, he plays the villain to the also rugged, chiseled, and shirtless Hugh Jackman. This really is the best of both worlds.
  3. Lost
    • Playing a First Sergeant in the Marine Corps with a devilish motive, Kevin Durand plays the sexy dark man in uniform. Usually in uniform, you don’t get to see much muscle action, but that simply leaves more to the imagination.
  4. Robin Hood
    • Finally playing a good guy, Durand towers over Russel Crowe as Little John. Ripped, shirtless, and humanitarian, Durand is sure to steal your heart.
  5. Legion
    • Once again the bad guy, Durand plays archangel, Gabriel. As a fallen angel, Durand sports a pair of dark wings and sculpted abs.
Durand in Legion

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