Fashion has been traditionally neglected when it comes to men. this is so because it is generally believed men care less about fashion trends as compared to the passion women have for fashion trends.

It may interest you to know that projections have been made and the results tend to prove otherwise as in the UK for example, the market for menswear is anticipated to grow by over 0.7%, meanwhile a market for women will rather shrink by over 0.2% based on the Euromonitor data.

Over the years, there has been no significant rise on the general interest on social media as the #mensfashion is gaining more popularity, this is said to now be the most popular hashtag related to fashion on Instagram. This is evident in the general rise to 49% of popularity ranging from, November 2016 to April of 2017. Social media is now one of the very best places for spotting trends and discovering new fashion products.

This very rapid growth and development have witnessed the growth of Instagram as pivotal to men’s fashion, hence making it an essential platform for various brands to engage and interact with customers who are trend conscious and well informed. This document will lay emphasis on some key areas of interest.

Fashion Trends for Men on the Instagram

The gateway to fashion success on Instagram is hashtags. This provides means to follow trends, communities, and styles. These are also very vital ensuring the target gets the right content and creating positive brand awareness. Hashtags such as #footmen and #mensfashion will be of help to brands wanting to grow rich. Especially for those just coming into the show.

An example of one of the fastest growing community for menswear right now is ‘Dapper Gents’. They are a group sharing tailoring, fashion inspired by heritage and smart styles. Common hashtags here are #gentleman and #dapper, which have grown by 24% by May 2017, as compared to the 2015 and 2016 period.

The major strategy here is influencer outreach. Which is the top leveraging marketing strategy on Instagram’s as it is very rewarding? Brands are hence very interested in influencers and savvy in the way they handle relationships with influencers.

There are platforms such as Social tradia that helps you to get a proper Instagram account for the fashion brands and social media marketing. Moreover, brand new fashion companies can access to the influencers Instagram pages that they are willing to sell.

Fashion timing for Men

Instagram has now changed the way it now serves its content, content is now based on an algorithm developed in 2016. The platform has however laid emphasis on timeliness on feed ranking. Thus, recent content comes tops. So, brands now must monitor the time they post to get the target. Analyses of customer behavior based on the hashtags can be very informative on golden targets that have to be made prime targets and top priority.

It has been noted that men’s fashion topics typically come up around the evening period (5 pm to 7 pm), likewise weekends (Sundays topping the list). The main phase of the week is dominantly occupied, thus top conversation times are off-working hours.

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