The holidays are approaching and so is the year-end – its New Year’s Day again! As the definition goes, New Year is the time when a new calendar year begins and the year count will increase. According to historians, New Year was celebrated on different dates during the Middle Ages in Europe because they used a different calendar. Thanks to the Gregorian calendar, New Year is now celebrated at “almost” across the world every January 1.

How to effectively celebrate New Year? There are different ways to celebrate it and that also depends on a country’s culture and tradition. Mostly, a spectacular fireworks display is the star of the New Year’s Eve, because it’s a sign of welcoming the New Year. Another thing that people normally do when New Year is coming is writing down their “New Year’s resolutions”, which is a good way to start New Year, new lifestyle, and anything else new for the better.

The Top New Year’s Resolutions


According to a survey conducted, the New Year’s resolutions for 2018 are “getting fit” and “getting a date”. The men have spoken and the results were fascinating. Who would not want six-pack abs and a so fit body next year? For the single men out there, who would not want to have someone very special they can be with?

The survey shows that 41.7 percent of men want to get fit and improve their physique, while 11.9 percent of men want to find love in the year 2018. The other results are amazing because 32.1 percent of the people surveyed don’t even care about the New Year’s resolution bucket list. What’s even funnier is that there are people who want to “survive the Trump era” and that thing is their New Year’s resolution.

With the results, the focus will obviously go to the “getting fit” and “getting a date” resolutions.

Getting Fit

Of course, it is really important to have a fit and healthy body. As a New Year’s resolution, it is a great choice that should always be added to the bucket list! However, how long can you really go to achieve this “getting fit” resolution? Survey also indicated that only 33.4 percent of men who listed fitness as their New Year’s goal have hopes that they can stick to their “getting fit” goal until the end of the year 2018.

This is actually how the drill goes – at the first days and months of the New Year, people, not just men, are motivated to eat healthily, exercise daily, and go to the gym; however, after few months, especially during the mid-year, the motivation will be decreasing. At the end of the year, the goal was still not met and the drill will go on and on as a routine every year if this keeps on happening. That’s why most people can’t actually stick to their fitness goals.

What to do? Well, the answer here is simple – motivation and hard work. As they say, “No pain, no gain!”

This is actually true. All a person needs is a “personal coach” – both physically and virtually available. At gyms and fitness centers, it is best to have a personal coach to watch the everyday fitness routine. However, their effect will only be limited during workout periods. So, take advantage of the modern technology. There are a lot of downloadable apps that can actually track your daily progress – how many calories you burnt, how many pushups you’ve done, and what to eat and what to drink. Everything in today’s era is now easy, but achieving fitness goals will never happen with just a click.

Lastly, people should learn how to have “small goals” at first to make it easier to achieve. After the desired goal is already attained, then it’s time to set another goal. This practice is actually self-rewarding.

Getting a Date

In contrary to the viral posts that love will never be back on the air again, there are actually a lot of men who are hopeless romantics! The result was actually amazing that 47.7 percent of men who want to journey for love in the year 2018 have very high hopes that they will stick to their plan until they succeed, hopefully before the year 2018 ends.

Getting a date does not normally mean that it’s just a date. Looking for a date opens the road to “love” and somehow, that is more important to a lot of people other than looks. How to find true love? Well, just type and click! That’s true because everything is now available online and online dating sites are actually the roots of the “first dates”.

However, there’s a real thought about finding love as a goal. The people who search the most often end up not finding anything, but other people who patiently wait for the love to flow are the people who often end up finding someone. So, just like the fitness goals, start with something small – just try to meet new people and let “love” decide.

So, what are your New Year’s goals?

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