Self-improvement is not just about having a fit physique, making grooming resolutions, or dressing up better. It’s also about expanding your knowledge, be it within your field of expertise or outside of your comfort zone.

Thanks to the internet, many classes are now accessible online. From workshops to certification courses, you can easily enroll in them and learn something new without leaving the comfort of your home. We have listed down five websites that you can check out if you are thinking of attending classes online. It’s about time to learn something new.

5 Websites Where You Can Attend Online Classes


Coursera partners with top universities and organizations all over the world to offer in-depth classes and courses in a wide variety of disciplines. While you are free to enroll in most of their classes, there is a required fee if you are to get a certification. The platform also offers “specializations,” a laddered approach to getting a degree, which gives you the opportunity to get a diploma from a university anywhere in the world.


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers thousands of classes for professionals. Unlike most MOOC (massive open online course) programs, Udemy does not offer classes from traditional universities. Instead, they focus on hosting content from other subject matter experts and online creators. This means that the approach to each course may vary depending on the instructor. But this also gives an opportunity to create relatable classes that focus on practical and experiential learnings.


Compared to MOOCs, Skillshare is more a community-based online learning platform. Almost anyone can put up a class on the website, thus they are able to cover a huge variety of topics. From skills like photography to more quirky arts and crafts, Skillshare has it covered. The website offers video-based courses. Unlike other websites, they are subscription-based, so you will be free to take any class that you want on the platform whenever you feel like it.

Online Classes to Improve Your Skills - Coding


As the name suggests, Codecademy is a platform that focuses on teaching people how to code. The site is available for free. They have classes for most languages, such as PHP, Python and Ruby. Their classes have a more fast-paced approach compared to other MOOCs, encouraging students to continue learning through their gamification point system and supportive community.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit online platform that partners with numerous secondary schools. It curates courses from around the web, creating a free library of educational “micro-lectures” that covers a huge variety of topics. This website is focused on more traditional academic subjects and is widely used as a supplementary reference by educators.