As Tom Bodett once said, “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” But lately, that might not be enough.

In this materialistic world, more is less. And consequently, that is leading to people living less joyful lives. Depression is more rampant. People are constantly complaining about anxiety. Therapists are constantly in session. Bottom line:

Nobody seems to be happy.

If you are considering how it is to truly lead a happier life, we’ve got some easy and effortless principles for you to follow.

A Never-Before Compiled List of Principles for A Joyful Life

You got to be willing for it
It is easy to be envious of what the others have. But it is hard to be willing to put everything on the line and working extra hard to get that for you. We live in a very achievable world these days. Nothing is impossible anymore.

The only thing holding you back from whatever you want is not technology, not social conditions, not economic backgrounds, but only you.

Never ever give up learning!

The day you think you don’t need to learn anymore is the day you call for trouble. This is an ever-changing world. Those not willing to learn and proceed, naturally end up staying where they are.

As Warren Buffet once said, “The more you learn, the more you will earn.” Keep up with learning, and you will always grow. You could be equipping yourself on a vocational course, an additional language, or just a musical instrument even. All learning is learning nonetheless.

Healthy life is a joyous life

Quite often; we tend to take health lightly. It looks irrelevant to worry about it when nothing seemingly is wrong with you, right? An extra cheeseburger won’t hurt, or another cigarette won’t do much harm anyway, or why walk when you can hail a cab.

However, you got to understand that a poor lifestyle will catch up. And it is a word from the wise that a hospital ward is not too pleasant a place to be in. Getting rid of bad habits could be considered to be the first step towards a joy-induced life.

Use e-cig to quit smoking; it helps chain smokers to cut down on the harmful impact of tobacco while still providing them with the sense of calm brought about by the vapors leaving the smokers’ lips. With e-cigarettes, smokers can gradually bring down the intake of nicotine to reach zero nicotine levels too.

Another way to get more from life is to inculcate healthy dietary habits like consuming more of fruits and green vegetables. Walking is yet another way to maintain a fit body. Make sure to walk distances that can be walked. These are some ways in which you can look after your body, readying it for a joyous life.

Push out of your comfort

We limit ourselves to our comfort zones. It mainly is because it took efforts to get there. However, by limiting yourself to something, you are thwarting your own progress. It has often been said, “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

Pushing out of your comfort zone might be intimidating at first. However, it is necessary. You will experience a considerable amount of liberation when you do something you thought you could not. And that brings with it a lot of joy.

Make your own way

It is tempting to follow what others are doing, when they are seemingly doing well. That being said, they are not the only ones doing well in life. And if you keep following what the others do, you will never learn yourself or even know what you really like.

It won’t be easy. Your family might protest, your loved ones and even your friends might ridicule you. But you have to stay on it. You have to get off the beaten path and create your own path.

Make do with what you have

Spiralling down the “I wish my parents were richer,” or “I wish I had more inherited money to begin with,” etc is easy. But not productive. Instead of that, focus on what you have. You got to be grateful to have what you have, because chances are many don’t even have that.

You are here, and here is where it all can begin from. If Jeff Bezos sat down cursing life and wanting a different one, instead of working hard on a website, we would not have Amazon today.

You have more than what it takes to make a joyful living. Appreciate it, and get to work.

Every shot like it is your last

You never know which shot of yours counts. Why risk on sub-standardising your output. No matter how menial your job seems to be, you got to give more than 100% at it. For you to be able to do that, you have to be enthusiastic about what you do.

You got to love what you do, in order to give it your best shot ever. Opportunity might just be round the corner, and when it knocks, it knocks hard. So make sure you are ready for it.

Train to possess a one-track mind

Emotions often command how we go about something. In the end, it is important to know that those are merely feelings nonetheless. And only you are in command of your feelings. Whenever challenges make you “feel” a certain way, focus double hard on the thing you have at hand. Sooner than later, you will be through it. In hindsight, it will start to look insignificant, at how it made you feel.

Failures are needed

If you think failure is the dead-end then you might be right only on one condition – if you are not willing to learn from it. We all make mistakes and you have to know that it is a necessary step. Without them, you would never master a skill. Hence, there is no such thing as failing. There is only winning, and learning.

To sum it all up, we can say that joy is a state of mind. And how you get there is totally under your control. Following these 9 tips may help accelerate your path to joyful living. It however needs a certain amount of dedication and willingness.

Author bio:

Lynda Arbon is a passionate and enthusiastic health blogger. She likes keeping herself updated on health trends and blogs. Her favourite pastime is learning history and solving crossword puzzles. Follow her on Twitter.