You’re looking to boost your mental health? Start here first.

In the United States, more than 40 million people suffer from anxiety and depression. With such a large number of people affected, it can be overwhelming and expensive to find helpful resources amongst the masses.

For those looking for the best, check out these five free resources for mental health to stay mentally healthy.

1. Consider Watching a Webinar

One of the best free mental health resources online is via watching a webinar. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America is an excellent resource brimming with free online counseling resources.

The webinars are led by mental health clinicians and psychologists. They take challenging material related to mental health and offer potential solutions and coping mechanisms.

From financial stress, work-related issues, and family troubles, they’ve got your covered. They can also assist with knowing the difference between

2. Try to Meditate

Check out meditation for one of the greatest free therapy resources. Try mindfulness, a trick to help you stay connected in the moment, and honing in on your surroundings so you can stay connected to your body.

Consider coloring or doodling to help facilitate your meditation and keep you grounded. If you feel so inclined, try to go for a walk or a run. Aerobic exercise is a great way to release endorphins, with help to combat stress and pain.

3. Join a Virtual Support Group

Considering joining a virtual support group. Find a focus area on where you need support and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. In addition to the ADAA hosting a database of support groups, check out social media for connections too.

Instagram and Facebook have numerous accounts led by medical healthcare professionals offering free resources.

4. Check Out Student and Work Resources

Some of the best free counseling resources are located in your student and work resources. Check in with your human resources department to see what services are offered.

Many employers and schools also offer free tools that are already paid for by them, like workshops.

5. Talk to Your Health Insurance Provider

Be sure to talk to your health insurance provider for additional free mental health resources. Your provider will have a list of companies and individuals they will help you to pay for.

They also should have resources that state which medical healthcare professionals are accepting new patients. Be prepared to have an open conversation about your finances and have an open mind with the support staff.

Don’t forget, they’re there to help you!

Free Resources for Mental Health

If you’re worried about your mental health or are just looking to educate yourself on the subject then be sure to grab these free resources for mental health and throw your worries away. Remember, you’re not alone.

What are you waiting for? Your road to mental health awaits!

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