Online dating has slowly become a normal way to meet new people. It’s accessible and easy and does not require awkward first encounters. It’s also a perfect venue for shy people to try and test dating without having to die out of nervousness.

But despite it being a great platform to talk to new people, it also has a lot of downsides. From catfishing to meeting someone who turns out to be a scammer, the online world can have as many downsides as upsides.

If you are new to the online dating scene, or are having a hard time navigating it, check out this helpful list we’ve created to help you catch red flags with your new eye candy.

If you see these signs, think twice.

Nearly all her photos are hidden with face filters or she doesn’t have any decent photo at all

Face filters are cute, and a bit of mystery can be interesting, but if you’ve been talking for a while and you haven’t even properly seen her in photos, then that might be something. Don’t you think it’s weird that she won’t show her face or even let herself be identified by someone she’s flirting with?

She talks too much about her ex

We know that for some people, moving on means finding a new beau. But sometimes, it’s not always the best way to let go of one’s past. If she talks too much about her ex, how much you resemble him, or how much she hopes you’re not like his past, chances are she’s still hung up on her ex. Take time to think if this is worth it. If not, better pack your bags up and leave.

Don't fall for scams and other dating traps; make sure to look out for these red flags when trying online dating

She’s too clingy

She texts you multiple times a day and asks to be updated every hour. While we don’t find that sketchy, we think that it might be a sign that she has a tendency to be too controlling over you. If you just started dating, this might not really be a good sign.

She has lots of requirements

This only screams high maintenance, which might be a difficult thing to deal with. From having height requirements (“I only date guys who are 5’10” and above”) to requiring you to go on dinner dates at expensive restaurants, this girl’s demands might spell trouble, so make sure that you know what you are going in for.

Her profile is too thin

She has a weirdly empty profile and is being so mysterious that you can’t even tell if she’s real. Online dating sites are a goldmine for catfishers, so make sure to find ways to validate who she says she is. Check out her other profiles, or maybe even have a quick call on FaceTime. As they say, better be safe than sorry.